Still To Do

F r o m L a s t T r i p ( s ) - 2 0 0 6 / 2 0 0 7

From Kew 2006 - Sort and add 1st WW Warkup/Warcup/Warkcup military records retrieved

From Beverley Archives 2006 - Beeford Burials 1863 - 1930 ** All but 2 complete

From Beverley Archives 2006 - Selection of Beeford Marriages ** All but 7 complete

From Beverley Archives 2006 - Flamborough Warcup Burials ** All but 10 complete

Neil Mackay ship records - trace more info if possible

Catalog Flamborough MI pictures - started work on this, many more to finish

B a c k g r o u n d / O n g o i n g

Re-visit multiple marriages pages

Add reverse lookup from census map pages

Revisit Beverley to get early Skipsea / Beeford / Flamborough parish records

Add Sewell connection details to the tree

Canada - Quebec connections

Jan's e-mailed info

Identify Withernwick Hewson MI pictures

Identify Elizabeth Warcup buried in Driffield Cemetery - last Driffield entry to find

Add more 'Other Warcups' trees to unconnected Warcups tree - still Durham etc to add

Revisit recent Warkup contacts and trace our tree forward to get them on the tree

Move oldUnusual-Features from previous web pages to new structure

Revisit war records / medal cards for Warkups/Warcups now on tree

Is John Frankish 1893-1955 related to John Frankish (BEF 1800) family ?

The Warcups scattered over Canada & America.

Some newspaper articles of Warcups

Details of one of the Lord Line trawlers which used to sail from East Yorkshire

Still to complete Skipsea/Beeford 1851 census

Still to complete - still a few unidentified Warkups in the 1851 census

IGI entries for Warkups

Add more family photos

Re-visit burial records e.g. Hornsea & add to web

Continue trying to locate Beeford Mill info

T r a c e ( not urgent ) :

Identify Leslie Cammidge d 1954 and Marion d 1996 (on Skipsea MI)

Identify Clarice May Sowersby d 1952 wife of Alfred Sowersby (on Skipsea MI)

Identify Ann Harper d 1880 (on Beeford MI with John Jordan Beeford d1866)

Identify Ida Mary Hawkins d 1998 (on Beeford MI)

Identify William Trevor Storey d 2000 (on Beeford MI)

Identify Thomas Reginald Storey d 1999 (on Beeford MI)

Identify Annie & Raymond William Hawkins d 1994/97 (on Beeford MI)

Identify John D Warcup's 3rd wife Elizabeth

D o n e

Add Amotherby, East Ayton church photo to web, and Amotherby Warcup MI ** DONE **

Catalog South Cave ** DONE **

From Beverley Archives 2006 - Flamborough Births ** DONE **

From Kew 2006 - Add farming records from Beeford - *DONE"

From Kew 2006 - Add farming records from Skipsea - *DONE"

Add Warkup Deaths to spreadsheet - *DONE*

Add Warkup Marriages to spreadsheet - *DONE*

Add Warkcup Deaths to spreadsheet - *DONE*

Add Warkcup Marriages to spreadsheet - *DONE*

Add Warcup Births to spreadsheet - *DONE*

Add Warcup Deaths to spreadsheet - *DONE*

Add Warcup Marriages to spreadsheet - *DONE*

Identify 1 x David Warcup - *DONE*

Double-check crown opyright on certificates - *DONE*

Identify John Warkup b 1862 of Susanna Warkup (Filey) (from birth certificate) - *DONE*

Ayton Warkups - certificates - *DONE*

Add Warkup Births to spreadsheet - *DONE*

Add Warkcup Births to spreadsheet - *DONE*

Update Beeford Church Layout to include new photos - *DONE*

Take emmigrated details from old tree and add to new Emmigrated page - *DONE*

Identify Agnes Mary Sims d 1960 (on Beeford MI) - *DONE*

Identify Gertie & George & George E Sims (on Beeford MI) - *DONE*

Beverley Archives - Beeford Burials 1813 - 1863 - *DONE*

Update Sources Of Info List - *DONE*

Catalog Kilham MI pictures - *DONE*

Identify Fred & Jane Elizabeth Hawkins - *DONE*

Identify Clarence James & Chrissie Hawkins (on Beeford MI) - *DONE*

Type up Eva/Aa Warkup death certificates & burial records - *DONE*

Catalog Skipsea MI pictures - *DONE*

Lockton/ Levisham BMD parish records - *DONE*

Locate copy of Pattons Church book from Swanland - arrived, still to read - *DONE*

Fishermans Pilot License Data - *DONE*

Catalog Ayton MI pictures & identify Maymans - *DONE*

Catalog Burton Pidsea / Hornsea MI pictures - *DONE*

Update Churches Visited page - *DONE*

Burton Pidsea link to Withernwick Warkups - *DONE*