Progress to Date

27 Dec 2022

Having failed to create a tree in a couple years we are back on the research.
The current aim is to get every Warcup/Warckup/Warkup on the GRO Indexes since 1837 linked on one tree !

15 Mar 2020

Time to get back into the family tree research. No big breakthroughs on this upload, just an upload to
get a celanpoint to start the research again. 

We've now reached 11,116 individuals now on the tree so not a huge increase, but it's still growing.

30 Sep 2018

Even longer gap since the last update. We have finally linked all the Warcups on the 'other trees' so 
we now only have one main tree (and a tree of Warcups from the South).
We have also started going back to the Calverts as more records are available online. The Calverts are
turning out to be a much bigger tree than previously thought, all descended from George Calvert b 1734.
More updates to follow as we expand the Calvert side.

We've now reached 11,023 individuals now on the tree so that's another 400 linked since the last upload.

03 Dec 2017

Another long gap since the last update. Going back over the 1851 census, with only 29 people from 
Flamborough, and 85 not from Flamborough left to link out of 1297 on the census.
As always, still picking off the odd entry from the Flamborough churchyard to link more.

We've now reached 10,584 individuals now on the tree so that's another 300 linked since the last upload.

01 May 2017

A long time since the last update with the main focus being the later burials. 
This has helped link back another family on the 1851 census. Also trying to fill in the missing
in the Flamborough churchyard to link more.

We've now reached 10,284 individuals now on the tree so we've passed the 10,000 mark.

10 Jul 2016

Focus has switched away form the 1851 / 1861 census. We are now going back through the 1700-1770 
records to see if we can link in families and identify more monumentals in the Flamborough

We've now reached 9966 individuals now on the tree, so almost at the 10,000 mark.

16 Mar 2016

Will soon be halting work on 1851/61 census records for Flamborough.
There are 42 individual in 1851, and 65 in 1861 who are from Flamborough still to link.
Next plan is to pick off more of the Flamborough church extension entries.

We've now reached 9633 individuals now on the tree.

28 Dec 2015

Slowly working through more of the Flamborough Extension Churchyard.
Another breakthrough on the 1851 census as we have finally managed to link in the Sterrickers.
We have now 85% complete on 1851 census, but still more to go.

We've now reached 9394 individuals now on the tree.

14 Nov 2015

Slowly working through more of the Flamborough Extension Churchyard.
Big breakthrough on the 1851 census as we have finally managed to link in the Lamploughs.
We managed to break over the 80% complete on 1851 census, but still more to go.

We've now reached 9135 individuals now on the tree.

20 Sep 2015

Slowly working through more of the Flamborough Extension Churchyard.
Trying to clear the decks ready for the next PE14 (Flamborough marriages 1919-34).
We're hoping this will help identify more of the missing churchyard entries.

We've now reached 8881 individuals now on the tree.

13 Jun 2015

Archive trip delayed, so this is a bonus update on progress so far.
It's proving harder to add in the remaining Flamborough occupants, but we're still making progress.
The Flamborough Extension Churchyard is slowly getting completed, with almost complete rows finished.

We've now reached 8512 individuals now on the tree.

17 Mar 2015

Another bumper upload to clear the backlog before the 2015 trips to the Archives.
Still concentrating on the Flamborough Churchyard.

We've now reached 7918 individuals now on the tree.

10 Jan 2015

Bumper upload to start the New Year.
Still concentrating on the Flamborough Churchyard.
Many more identified, but still plenty left to go !

We've now reached 6786 individuals now on the tree.

17 Oct 2014

Still no major breakthroughs on this update.

Still concentrating on the Flamborough Churchyard.
there are quite a few more people identified and photos added.

We've now reached 6786 individuals now on the tree.

10 Aug 2014

Still no major breakthroughs on this update.

Major area being concentrated on at the moment is the Flamborough Churchyard.
Work has started trying to identify everyone in the graveyard and link them to the tree.
It's hoped this will help with the 1851/1861 entries we have been unalbe to identify.

We've now reached 6387 individuals now on the tree.

26 May 2014

No major breakthroughs on this update. The upload is to clear the decks before the next trip to 
the Archives. 

Another 30+ entries on the 1851/61 census in Flamborough have been identified. Slow progress now as 
linking the stragglers becomes more difficult.

We've now reached 6059 individuals now on the tree.

19 January 2014

All the photos for the monumental inscriptions in the Flamborough Church Extension (available on the
Flamborough page) have now been added. The map will be coloured as we link the gravestones to the tree.
We've also added a few more 1851/1861 census entries, but as we've reached over 71% on each, progress
is slowing.

We've now reached 5823 individuals now on the tree.

22 December 2013

We were correct in October, it's going to be a long, slow job wading through all the data.
This is just an upload to create a cloean-point before we start on the next set of family names.

We've now reached 5696 individuals now on the tree.

19 October 2013

We've started working through the data collected. It's going to be a long, slow job.
The Flamborough Churchyard pages now include the plot number (as per the EYFHS booklet).
It will take time to add the 900+ photos to the map, but the first few are there.

We've now reached 5650 individuals now on the tree.

23 September 2013

Having collected a huge amount of data on Flamborough, the Flamborough page on the menu will be expanded.
There are many photos of gravestones to be added to the churchyard layout now available on this page.
It's hoped that linking all the baptisms, marriages and burials will allow more people from the 1861
census to be added, as we have currently stalled at 71%. 

We've now reached 5616 individuals now on the tree.

04 August 2013

More 1861 Flamborough census work continues. We now have 7878 out of the 1277 in the census linked and 
on the tree. We hope to increase on the 61% done in the next upload. New names added this time include
Harpham and Marsham.

We've now reached 5523 individuals now on the tree.

13 July 2013

A boring update this time, just working through the 1861 Flamborough census. Hopefully it will help tie
in more people so we can go back and identify more in the 1851 census.

We've reached 5466 individuals now on the tree.

02 June 2013

The 1861 census for Flamborough is now available on the Flamborough page. Work has started linking
everyone on the pages to the tree. Early days yet, but Knaggs, Gibbon, Traves, Harrington, Simpson,
Pockley, Sampson, Collingwood, Spink, Stork and Gardahm done so far.

We've reached 5373 individuals now on the tree.

01 January 2013

And again, more Flamborough families added. Among them are Creasor, Cammidge, Stork, Acklam,
Morris, Salvidge, Bar, Nettleton, Shipley, Headely, Jefferson, Wise, Old and Pickering.
We've reached 5341 individuals now on the tree.
There is only 1 page of the 1851 census which contain no people on the tree, so we're almost there.

03 November 2012

And again, more Flamborough families added. Among them are Nicholson, Harrington and Collins.
We've reached 5127 individuals now on the tree.
There are only 5 pages of the 1851 census which contain no people on the tree, so we're almost there.

14 October 2012

Yet more Flamborough tribes from 1851 census joining the tree with this upload.
Among them are more of the Cross family, and Oldfield. We've reached 5049 individuals now on the tree.
There are only 9 pages of the 1851 census which contain no people on the tree, so we're slowly
getting there.

29 September 2012

More Flamborough tribes from 1851 census joining the tree with this upload.
Among them are Sedman, Kingston, and Bayes. Up to 5013 individuals now on the tree, but there are
still some big Flamborough families out there which we need to link.
Hopefully the next upload will see a few more of them linked up.

19 September 2012

Been off-the-air working on other family history projects (digitising cine films), but back on the
family tree again.

This upload marks the start of working through the 1851 Flamborough census pages. The aim is to get
everyone in Flamborough linked on one tree. The 'Wiles', 'Wise' and 'Vickerman' households have been added
in this upload, with 4921 individuals now on the main tree.

More to follow when we get back into uploads in anger .. ..

22 October 2011

More of the same ..
Another few names from the Flamborough Baptisms (1813-1856) added onto the tree.
Main change in this upload is the addition of the following entries to the index : Coatham, Fenby, 
Kidd, Berry, Tunnicliffe (amongst others).

A recent visit to the Archives has given s a new set of information to work on. This upload is
just to get a cleanpoint before we start working through all the data. Hopefully it won'y be as
long until the next upload.

03 January 2011

More of the same ..
Another few names from the Flamborough Baptisms (1813-1856) added onto the tree.
Main change in this upload is the addition of the Wrights, Gilbanks and Robinson entries from this index.

27 November 2010

A few more entries from the Flamborough Baptisms (1813-1856) added onto the tree.
Main change in this upload is the addition of all the Knaggs entries from this index.

07 November 2010

Another trip to Beverley Archives now complete. The Flamborough Baptisms (1813 - 1856) have now been 
transcribed from the original aource. It may take some months to link the details to everyone in the
tree. The information is ismilar to that available on IGI records from LDS. However, we have a number
of extra ones found on the original documents, including a whole year which is not availabe on IGI.

The extra information is allowing more of the people in Flamborough census records :  1851 / 1861 to be
linked in to the tree. New major family names added for Flamborough in this upload include 'Fell' and
'Stork'. More to follow as they are linked.

10 September 2010

Just a quick upload to get the web-site up to date. We're slowly updating the site making it easier
to access. This upload sees more of the parich records on the pre-census map updated. It is now
possible to link back into the tree from the records.

We've also started looking at a few wills. Most of them don't say very much, but some have extra bits 
of information (including a Warkup from East Yorkshire dying in Egypt).

24 July 2010

It's been a while since significant progress has been made, but we've finally had a breakthrough.

Previously we had 800+ people on an unconnected tree. The tree contained a large number of Warcups from
East and North Yorkshire. We've finally found a link between them !

On our Main Tree we have William Shepherd b1854 who is descended from Elizabeth Candler b 29 Apr 1812.
We have now found people on the previously unconnected tree who are descended from Elizabeth's sister
Mary Ann Candler. It's quite a distant link, but a link none the less.

It's taken a while to move the 800+ onto the main tree. 

We now only have 70+ people left on the Unconnected Tree, but that might take a while to connect as
most of them emmigrated.

10 May 2010

More and more 1851 Flamborough families now added.

We've taken a pause on that while we investigate a few other things. We've found another child of
Ellen Swales & William Warcup (Ernest b1888). This brings the total to 11 we have located so far out 
of the 22 they claim to have had.

We've finally located the birth certificate of Thomas Watts (b1876). He was registered on Skipton as
Tom Watt, son of Matthew Watt & Alice Hope (Lily Watt's grand-parents). This has enabled us to find the 
'Hope' side of the tree, who appear to be from Sledmere & Kirby Moorside.

We've also discovered two more sisters of Bertha Sims : Flora b1905 and Marjorie b1910. There are now 6
children of Thomas Sims & Minnie Shawcross.

10 May 2010

Nothing exciting to report on this upload. We're slowly working through the 1851 census, identifying
everyone in Flamborough. The hope is that this will lead to a link between the Warcups on 'our' tree 
and the Warcups on the 'other' tree.  Another 100+ people added to the tree and more of the 1851 census
now keyed in with this update.

03 April 2010

We were side-tracked with this upload with an odd marriage link we found. It made us realise how 
inter-related the Flamborough folk are. To make it easier to track these inter-marriages between
families, we've added a new feature to the 1851 census. It is now possible to click on the census
page and be taken back to the tree. We've only covered a few family names so far as it takes a 
while. Out aim is to get everyone in the 1851 census in Flamborough linked to the tree.

We've also finally found Tom watt's birth certificate. It will be included in a future upload, and
should hopefully lead us further up that leg of the tree.

As always, more info to follow as we find it.

20th February 2010

We'd finally finished the Warcups on the 1911 census. It's revealed quite a number of missing children.
We've found another one of the 22 chilren belonging to William Warcup & Ellen Swales. We now have 10,
only 12 more to find.

We've gone back to a few non-Warcups to try to trace ancestors back as far as we can. Current research
has taken us to Epworth, Sledmere and Wetwang, with surnames such as Ward, Maw and Hope.

We have a lead on the missing information about Lily Watts's father Thomas Watts and her grand-mother.
We originally thought she was Alice Hope Bell, but now believe she was Alice Hope. When the certificates
appear it should hopefully confirm this. We have still been unable to find Thomas Watts's birth record,
but may find it eventually. Details to follow if we locate any more information.

3rd January 2010

More Warcups found in the 1911 census. It has the added bonus of showing the number of years married and
the number of children for a couple. The record so far is 22 children born ! but only 9 living for
William Warcup & Ellen Swales. We've only identified the 9 so far, so that's 13 we have to track down
at some point.

We've managed to track down a mystery Charles Warcup on the 'other' tree. He married Jane Pickering in
1876. The confusion was caused by his birth-year varying by 5 years in places, but the arrival of his 
marriage certificate confirmed we'd got the right one. It's crossed quite a few entries off the
spreadsheet which contains BMD records for every Warcup/Warkup since 1837.

Next upload to follow when we've pieced together a bit more.

1st November 2009

We've brushed the dust of the family tree pile and started investigating again. From Nov 2008,
we had some old info ready to upload :

This upload includes one of the Calverts we had previously been unable to find : Henry b 1832.
He was the younger brother of Walter Edward Calvert's great-grandfather George Calvert.  Henry 
married twice, and emmigrated to New York with his second wife Fanny, and their 7 children.

From Nov 2009, we've started work on the 1911 census. We've only covered WarKups in East Yorkshire
so far. It's added a few more WarKups to the total. This is just the first batch out of an awful 
lot of WarCups/WarKups, more to follow ..

16th November 2008

The Craggs of Bishop Wilton are included in this upload. Having contacted a number of people
descended from the Craggs line, we are trying to get them all onto the tree. During the digging,
we've discovered that the Craggs (who my wife is descended from) also married into the Warcup
family. Herbert Craggs of Barmby Moor married Pheobe Warcup (who is descended from the Burton
Pidsea tribe) in 1920. It's amazing how many connections there are between all the fmailies on the tree.

Having been to Beverley again, we've found a few more Calverts. We still have a couple to identify from
the Skeckling with Burstwick christenings, but the tree is slowly growing. The 1852 - 1896 has 
revealed that Henry Calvert b1832 Ryhill married twice and has a number of children. We hope to have
more information on this in the next upload.

We'e also located another Calvert who disappeared. Walter Edward Calvert's grandfather (also Walter Calvert)
had a older sister Frances. We've found her marriage certificate from 1871. We'd previously been unable
to track her down, but the certificate shows she was married in Rotherham. Since finding the certificate,
we've found her in the census records. She moved from Ryhill to Rotherham, then back to Hull, which is 
why she was proving difficult to find.

5th October 2008

A few more of the Skipsea families are connected with this upload, with Cammidge, Gibson, Taylor
and Cross linked in.

As is always the way - interesting piece of information gets us side-tracked. 
We've been trying to sort out the Brown's from Fangfoss. This was harder than usual, as one of the
births was not registered at all.

On the Swanland Calvert side - We've also been swapping e-mails with someone whose family used to live
in Swanland. They even have a photo of one of their relatives, taken by Louis Calvert who is on our tree.

10th August 2008

We've been off the air for a while, but we're back on the family tree again. The next big project we
have started on is piecing together every member of Skipsea we can. A visit to Beverley has provided 
a huge amount of information (again). 

We've made a start, by adding all the members of the Purdon and Foster families we can with this upload.
As we link more of Skipsea, we will enter the baptism/marriage/burial information onto the transcribed
Skipsea parish records page. With over 2000 entries, this may take several months, or indeed years.

26th April 2008

A few minor changes with this upload. We're currently trying (and failing) to find a link between the 
Warcups and the Janes in Houghton-le-Spring. We're filling in a few more family names from there, but
as always, it's slow progress.

The main change with this upload is the Flamborough Churchyard maps. It's now possible to click on an
entry in the tables on these pages, and to link directly to that person on the Main Tree. No doubt more 
entries in the churchyard will follow as we link them to the tree.

13th April 2008

We've finally confirmed once and for all which of the William Warcups in the 1851 census are which on
the OtherTree. Despite the fact that the 1851 census has 2 Williams aged 6, one was in fact 6 months old, 
details as follows:

William Warcup  b 21 Jul 1844 Rillington (son of Francis Warcup & Mary Fox)
William Warcup married Sarah Anne Mason 24 Dec 1864 in Driffield

William Warcup  b 18 Oct 1850 Broughton  (son of James Warcup & Mary Hutchinson)
William Warcup married Mary Tomlinson 13 Dec 1875 in Leeds

All the information, birth/marriage certificate transcripts are available via the normal routes.

It is a common mistake for people to match up the wrong William with the wrong parents, but certificates 
have confirmed that this is the correct way round. 

29th March 2008

Ok, we're back on the air after a break. We have a large backlog of items on the ToDo list, so before we
start on a new branch of investigation, we need to clear the outstanding tasks. We're going back over any
old photos of monumental inscriptions to see if we can get them all onto the tree, starting with 

In this upload we have identified more of the usual, familiar names in the Flamborough graveyard: Knaggs,
Cross, Mainprize, Traves etc. The additional 24 people are on the usual monumental indexes & Flamborough 
churchyard map. There are still many more people to identify, and this is obvious looking at the churchyard 
layout map.

We've also made contact with another Warcup who we believe is connected to one of our existing trees. 
Having swapped e-mails, we're waiting on a certificate for confirmation. 

4th November 2007

This upload is full of lots of little changes, it is meant to create a cleanpoint as we are intending 
another trip to the Archives in the next few days, and always return with lots of new information to work
through. It's also been a long job tidying up missing / invalid links throughout the website.

We have managed to marry off another of the East Ayton Warcups, namely Jane (daughter of Jospeh Warcup &
Margaret Wood). We have her marriage certificate to Thomas Nellis in 1841, which finishes another of the 
Warcup lines. (They went on to have a son called Warkup Nellis). 

On the main tree we have another early death certificate - William Warcup d 1840, Flambro. Unfortunately he
was only 9 months old, so he wasn't one of the earlier Warcups we were hoping he was. Still, it completes 
another loose end as he had disappeared between census records.

The arrival of Frances Warcup's marriage to Robert Rutherford in 1839 was more useful. We had a 'spare'
christening of a Fanny Warcup in 1796 in Flambro, but with no father specified. We now know she was the 
daughter of John Warcup, and now have her linked to the tree.

We've crossed more entries off the 'Bond & Allegations Index'. Elizabeth, daughter of John Warcup & Catherine 
Smith married Jonathan Revell in 1802 in Old Malton. We've also identified the marriage of William Masterman
to Elizabeth Warcup in 1808. Elizabeth was Robert Warcup's wife Elizabeth Monkman, and she married William after
Robert died in 1806.

The Driffield Wesleyan Methodist baptisms have been keyed into the tree. William Arthur Warkup b 1900, was 
baptised as a Methodist. His brother, son Clifford, daughter Nancy, cousins John Ronald, Lawrence Ernest, and
distant cousin Leslie were all also baptised as Methodists.

9th September 2007

The obituaries for a number of Warcups in Oneida, New York have been added to the Newspapers page. These 
have confirmed a number of spouses, and added a number of children, The obituary of John W Midlam, who married
Mary Warcup (b1841) shows one of his sisters also married a Warcup. 

We've also received a bundle of information from a fellow researcher (Jan) from Australia. We've included 
extracts from a book from John Olin Warcup on the NewspaperArticles pages which include descriptions of
is life in Swinton, Yorkshire, before he moved to Canada. We still have quite a bit to confirm from the 
notes we received, but we're working through them.

Having linked a number of Rillington/Appleton-le-Street Warcups recently, we reviewed the National Burial 
Index again. Sure enough, we found a few more to add to the tree. Isabella and Rebecca (daughters of 
William Warcup & Dorothy Wilkinson) had entries showing they died aged 17 and 12 respectively. We also have
an entry for Mary Warcup b 1796 (daughter of Robert Warcup & Elzabeth Monkman) d 1817. We have another entry
for John Warcup b 1772 (son of John Warcup & Catherine Smith) d 1821. The last of the Appleton-le-Street
burials in the Index was of Mary Warcup (nee Petty, wife of Matthew Warcup) b 1737, b 1816. The information
has been updated on the Burials Index on the SourcesOfInfo page.

On the main tree, the birth certificate of Mary Warcup b1838 confirms another daughter of John Dunn Warcup 
of Hornsea, though it unfortunately doesn't help identify one of his missing wives. We've also linked one
of our fellow researchers Susan Bell to the tree (who is Andy's 4th cousin once removed). 

The index of the images of monumental inscriptions has been updated on the main tree. It now also has links
back into the graphical tree to show who the gravestone belongs to.

On the other Warcups, we now know what happened to the youngest sister of Joseph Warcup (who married Ursula
Dodsworth and moved from Yorkshire to Illinois, United States). The death certificate of his youngest 
sister Hannah shows she died at the age of 4 in 1838 in Kingthorpe. We now have the marriage certificate of
his eldest sister Mary who married John Bullock in 1838 (Certificates available on the usual indexes.)

19th August 2007

We've almost identified all the Appleton-le-Street Warcups, but in doing so, we have wandered into another 
branch of Warcups. We have the Quebec Warcups descended from John Warcup b 1739 & Catherine Smith. We've now
followed through the descendants of his brother Matthew b 1737. His grand-son Robert married Hannah Simpson
in 1830 in Amotherby, and emmigrated to New York, All the New York Warcups found so far are descended from 
them. Once we've got most of the New York, Quebec Warcups sorted on the Other Tree, we will revisit the
OtherWarcups pages to show how the Warcups moved all over the world, with almost all of them originally from 
Yorkshire. So far we have the Rillington, Appleton-le-Street, Swinton, Broughton, Megantic (Quebec), New York
and La Prarie (Quebec) Warcup trees all descended from William Warcup of Yorkshire.

We have just had the arrival of the earliest death certificate for the OtherWarcups. We have William Warcup
b 1770 married to Dorothy Wilkinson now confirmed as having died in 1843 in Rillington. This is extra 
confirmation that the William we had was born in 1770 as he was 74 when he died. This ties in with William
who was born in 1770 of John Warcup & Catherine Smith.

12th August 2007

The next batch of transcribed records from Borthwick has been included. There is a new entry for baptisms
and burials for the Rillington and New Malton districts. We've also included a couple of references to 
children of William Sterriker which we found in the Appleton-le-Steeet records. His daughter Hannah appears
to be the "Ann Sterriker" who married William Warcup. The ages match, and we know Ann was of the same parish
as William, and there are no other Sterriker children born within a 10 year period of when Ann should be born.
The Appleton-le-Street Parish marriage records have been added, and these also show William marrying an 
Ann Stereker (the spelling varies). The marriage records also tidy up a few loose ends - we now have Matthew
Warcup b1737 getting married to a Mary Petty, when he previously seemed to have disappeared.

We found the original marriage bond for William Warcup b1780 (Great Cowden) who is at the top of one of the 
OtherWarcups trees. Unfortunately the Bond gave no clues as to who his parents were, so his branch will have
to remain unconnected for now. The original marriage bond for another William Warkup proved more useful. We 
found the Bond for William Warcup marrying Ann Steriker in 1812. It also included a hand-written note on 
the original text indicating who William's father was. He was the son of John Warcup (also of Swinton). We
co-incidentally also found John's marriage to Ann Rievely. We have now (finally) condensed the OtherWarcups
Trees down to 2 unconnected trees. (NB We still need to visit the Archives for the original information to 
confirm 100% the top of the Rillington tree, rather than relying on IGI.)

5th August 2007

The next batch of transcribed records from Borthwick has been included. There is a new entry for baptisms
and burials for the Appleton-le-Street district. Having searched through all these records, we now
believe we can condense the trees on the OtherWarcups pages. John Warcup (b1798) who married Edith Salmon
is the brother of William Warcup who married Ann Sterriker. (It is this William that the Quebec Warcups
are descended from.) Despite the fact that a "History of Dummer" refers to William marrying Ann Spencley 
(and quotes no sources) we don't believe this to be correct. 

We're hoping to link more of the OtherWarcups trees once we've gone through all the information. Once 
we've been through all the data, we will re-do the OtherWarcups pages to show the reduced trees. As always,
far too much to do, far too little time.

3rd August 2007

We've returned from the Archives with a huge amount of information. We now believe we may be able to
condense the Warcup trees on the OtherWarcups pages. We've been trying to work out where the Quebec
Warcups come from, and think we've finally found out where they fit into the Yorkshire Warcups. We
know they came from the Appleton-le-Street area, but we now have Willian's marriage to an Ann 
Sterriker on an Index of Marriage Bonds and Allegations. This upload sees this Index now linked to
the tree, and available from the Sources of Info page.  

Details of the contents of the original marriage bond of William Warcup and Ann Sterriker to follow in 
one of the next uploads, along with details of William's parents, and how his tree now links up with one 
of the other trees.

22nd July 2007

In preparation for the next visit to the Archives, we've cleared down most of the records from the 
previous visits, There are now a number of entries on the SourcesOfInfo page for Beeford, Skipsea and
Flamborough. These entries have now all got links back into the main tree. Hopefully next on the list
are the records at the Borthwick Institute to track down the Appleton-le-Street Warcups who went to 
Quebec, Canada.

14th July 2007

We're trying to get a couple of our recent contacts onto our tree at the moment. We think we're only one
generation from Sue, who is descended from the Beeford Warkups. We'll update the Fellow Researchers page
once we have a few more on the trees.

The arrival of William Warcup's birth certificate of Flambro sees the earliest birth certificate date on 
the main tree now moved back to May 1839. 

We've just arrived back from a trip from the Beverley Archives. As a result, the main change with this 
upload is the updating of the records for Skipsea on the SourcesOfInfo page. We're now integrating the 
information on these pages with the tree information. We're adding hotlinks from the indexes directly into 
the tree pages, ao it should be easier to locate people in the indexes. There's quite a bit of extra 
information to upload over the coming weeks. 

It's always worth going to the original sources, rather than relying on the IGI database. We now know for
example, John Warkup (b 1716) had 3 sets of twins with his first wife in Skipsea. It's also useful picking
up the burial information (which is lacking on IGI), as this has explained why the John mentioned earlier
had 2 sons called John, the first child having died.

30th June 2007

Bit of a holiday break, but back working on the tree again. We've added a link to a new index of the Parish
Records for Quebec, Canada that we've found so far. The information is already available via the notes pages
of the individuals, but the index makes it easier to see the records we've already incorporated. (We have
quite a few more which have not been keyed in as yet.) The index is off the OtherWarcups page via the 
OtherWarcupsIndexes link. In the process of digging for info on the Quebec Warcups, we've added a couple of
extra indexes of census to the OtherWarcupsIndexes. There is also a new pdf added to the OtherWarcups page
just for the Quebec Warcups (Tree 5), which shows all the Warcups so far on one tree.

We've 'paused' on the Quebec Warcups for a while, until we've been over to the Archives in Yorkshire. We'd like
to be able to confirm the early Appleton-le-Street Warcups all connect and all migrated over to Quebec together.
We'll revisit this branch after the next trip.

12th June 2007

It's been a while since the last upload, as we've spend some time trawling (manually) through images of
Parish Records (due to a lack of indexes). We've been trying to make sense of the Quebec Warcups who 
originally came from Yorkshire, England. We currently have 2 distinct trees which we are trying to link. 
There is a family of Warcups descended from a William & Anne Warcup. The children are born between
1815 and 1825 in England. The 2nd tree is descended from a William Warcup (also of England) born 1813. 
We suspect he is a brother of the other children as they were living very close together, but have not 
found any convincing proof as yet. It looks like a trip to Beverley Archives or the Borthwick Institute might 
be needed for more clues.

We've also got evidence of quite a few more Warcups who must be descended from this branch. They are all in the 
same area in Quebec. Hopefully we will get all the Quebec Warcups linked, though it might take a while. At some
point, when we believe we have all the Quebec Warcups on it, we will revisit how the information is displayed. 
The 'OtherWarcups' trees now contain quite a few distinct trees, and it would be easier if they could be viewed
separately. One to ponder on when we have the time.

20th May 2007

The main tree has now been converted to the new format to make it easier to read. 

The main change for this upload is the addition of a branch of the Warcups from Appleton-le-Street, Yorkshire.
We recently exchanged e-mails with a descendant of that branch of the Warcups, which has inspired us to wade
through one of the last Warcups trees not yet entered onto the web. This upload sees the first pass, although 
there are quite a few more Warcups we have information on, which will appear in a future upload. This branch
of the family all lived in Quebec, where there is a plentiful supply of Parish records available. We've started
adding transcriptions of these onto the individuals notes pages on the graphical tree.

Hopefully we'll follow the tree down to our new Canadian contact, more to follow ...

12th May 2007

Almost done with the admin so we can get back to the real research. This upload converts all the transcribed
birth, marriage and death certificates to the new format. (These are available as always from the indexes off
the SourcesOfInfo menu.) We've also hopefully fixed the truncation on the census entries introduced in the 
last upload. 

11th May 2007

Just a small upload to add buttons onto the 1841/1851 census maps so that it is now possible to navigate 
between the two.

The other part of the upload is the reformatting of all the cenus entries so that they hopefully fit into the 
main panel on the screen a little better.

7th May 2007

The OtherWarcups tree has now been converted to be used in a different piece of software for editing. This should 
hopefully let us correct some of the many typing mistakes, and to allow more information to be added. The 
generated output should also be slightly more readable. The main tree will be converted next, but it does take a 

This upload also sees scanned images for monumental inscriptions from Walkington and South Cave - so we have almost
all the images for Warcups in Yorkshire, with only a few left to complete.

We've also just added the surname distribution for Warcups/Warkups in the 1841 census. This shows Warcups by county, 
and can be drilled down to see the towns within that county. This new map is available from the Maps entry on the menu.

29th April 2007

This upload adds the images for the monumental inscriptions in Driffield. All but one Warcup has been identified,
the missing one is someone who married into the Warcups and we will work out who it is eventually. The tree colours
have been standardised now to make it eaiser to know which tree is being viewed.

28th April 2007

No tree changes with this upload. The navigation round the site has been improved in this upload. Frequent visitors
will hopefully find it easier to get around the site. The re-structure was needed as more information on the Warcups
needs including, and the site was becoming unwieldy.

22nd April 2007

More early Warcups on the maps with this upload. We now have Bessingby, Bridlington and Flamborough pre-census 
Warcups on the map to try to link together. We have swapped e-mails with a couple of distant cousins, and may have 
some more clues to the early Warcups from the 1700's. The marriage bonds and allegations data from the Archives
going back to 1715 is proving useful, and may help link the early Warcups together. The arrival of a couple of
Flamborough history books 1700-1900 should have some more information / stories to add once we've managed to 
get through them.

9th April 2007

This upload fills in a lot of blanks. The SourcesOfInfo page now contains all the Beverley Archives info from the 
last trip, and an indication of which tree the people are on. The map of pre-census Warcups now includes Mappleton.
We have Warcups from the Mappleton area who moved to Hornsea and are on the OtherTree, but have not as yet
identified the rest of the Mappleton Warcups and how they fit in. The Kirkburn Warcups have been identified as on
our trees so their information has been added to the trees.

There are a few early marriages of Warcups born pre 1700 and living in Skipsea & Beeford. This is the first indication 
that there were already Warcups in that area before one of the Flamborough branch moved down there. The 1672 Hearth Tax
also has Warcups in Beeford, so it looks like they were around quite a few years before we had originally thought. One
to try to follow up on the next Archives trip.

1st April 2007

This upload doesn't see any change to the actual tree content, as we've been working through the info from the 
last Beverley Archives trip. We've added a few more photos onto the Churches Visited page. We have also started 
going through Parish Record information, and as such have added a new page on the Maps section. It shows towns which 
contain Warcups on the Main Tree & Other Trees. We've now added towns which contain Warcups we haven't linked (yet). 
As some of these towns are less than 5 miles away from 'our' Warcups they are bound to be related in some way.
There are only a few towns on the map so far, but we have many more to follow.

11th March 2007

Back off the holidays and trying to clear some of the backlog before the next visit to Beverley Archives next week.
We've added another leg to the OtherWarcups, and now have the branch of the family in Leeds connected onto that tree. 
These are descended from the Garton / East Ayton family.

The Newcastle section of the OtherWarcups has also had William Warkup's family added. (He was born in 1904,  the son 
of William Warkup and Catherine Mason).

We've also exchanged e-mails & information with a couple of the living Warkups from that side. The more we dig, the
more all the Warkups/Warcups condense onto fewer trees.

The Driffield Cemetery monumental inscriptions are new to this upload. We've identified all but 1 of the Warcups
buried in Driffield. Six members are on the OtherWarcups, but the rest are on Our Tree. There is (yet another)
strange fact associated with John William Warkup b1897. His mother Ethel Warkup married her dead sister's husband 
John William Lamplough. (This was illegal at the time.) John William Warkup b1897 was an illegitimate child born 
9 months after Ethel's sister's marriage. The new strange fact comes from a transcrption of their monumental 
inscription. John William Warkup is listed as the husband of Ethel Lamplough, rather than being listed as her son. 

We also have a transcription for Elizabeth Warkup d 1953 aged 72 years, who was married to James William Warcup.
This is another discrepancy - the GRO death record for Elizabeth states that she was 69 years old. 

Two more images have been added to the Flamborough monumental inscriptions map, and another of the East Yorkshire 
Warkups in the 1851 census has been identified.

The next trip to Driffield will have to include a visit to see if the original stones still exist, to try to work
out the real relationships / dates. Next upload to follow after the imminent trip to Beverley Archives.

11th February 2007

It's a while since the last upload as a lot of digging behind the scenes has been done. We've re-vamped the look
and feel of the site to make it a bit easier to navigate. e.g. All the graphical trees are now available from the
left-hand menu bar. This upload will give us a cleanpoint when we return to the tree after imminent holidays.

There is now a banner on the front page which will only highlight any significant changes to the site. This 
upload sees the introduction of a graphical representation of the 1851 census. The information is available from
the Maps link. It shows the surname distribution for Warcups/Warkups by county in 1851. It is also possible to
click on each county to reveal the towns where they could be found. Where we have already got them on the tree,
there is an indication of which tree they are on, and a link to any census entries we have transcribed.

Now that we have a complete list for 1851, we can round up the stragglers, which might lead to more links between 
the trees, or more people who have travelled to Canada,etc

7th January 2007

This upload adds a whole branch of Warcups who were eventually based around the Pocklington area. It
introduces yet another strange co-incidence with one of this branch being born in a house now owned by my
wife's family. We now know that a fellow Warcup who was in the same year at school was actually a distant

Having done quite a bit of digging, we have tracked down a copy of a watercolour of Beeford Mill. It was painted
by Karl Wood on 7th June 1935. After patiently waiting for a number of months, this is now available online. 
We've included the following link so family memnbers can take a look at the Mill (still owned by the Warkups) and
how it used to look. Clicking on the image on this page will show a larger version of the image Beeford Mill

We had hoped to link one of the unconnected Warcup trees to the main tree with this upload. We have William 
Warcup b1780 Cowden who we thought was living with his daughter Elizabeth b1801 in the 1851 census. We now 
know that despite the 21 year age difference, Elizabeth and William are married, and also have a son Thomas
who was born when they were 44 and 65 respectively. Unfortunately their marriage certificate does not give the
clues we had hoped for, as William is listed with no father. The Cowden tree will have to remain on the 
OtherWarcups page for now.

31st December 2006

More of the same with the final upload of 2006. We've now got a total of 2676 birth/marriage/death records 
between 1837 and 2004. So far we have 1174 identified on our trees. We must therefore still have quite a few 
Warcups/Warkcups/Warkups out there who aren't on our tree (yet).

As a result of this trawl through the records we have now found a branch of Warcups based in Kent. This tree
is available on the OtherWarcups page. It's likely that all the northern Warcups will link to one tree, but 
it may not be possible to link north and south. The records pre 1837 ae pretty patchy for Kent, but 
information appears when you least expect it so we haven't given up hope yet.

19th December 2006

This upload adds a whole new tree to the OtherWarcups side. We've managed to piece together almost all the 
Warcups in Rillington. We suspect they shoould be linked to one of the existing 'OtherWarcup' trees as they
are from the same are /twons, but as yet we haven't confirmed the link. The new tree is on the OtherWarcups
tree with the top of the tree being William Warcup b1771. 

19th December 2006

We have heard from a number of living Warcups recently from various sources. The aim has been to bring the tree 
forward to the present day in an attempt to get some of the recent contacts onto the tree. While we're 
waiting fpr the extra couple of certificates to confirm links we're also making sure we have covered all the 
older Warcups. We're going through the 1851 census to make sure every single Warcup is either on our tree or
on the Unconnected Warcups. Nothing significant to report, just filling in more detail and background. Hopefully
on the next upload we'll have more specific information for the ProgressUpdate.

3rd December 2006

More filling in of the more recent Warcups in this upload. The marriage certificate of Robert William Warcup & 
Florence Elizabeth Cowell has confirmed they are from the Burton Pidsea branch, descended from Pearson Warcup.
This has allowed Robert's sub-tree to be added along with his 7 children. His son died before marrying and the
other 6 children were all daughters so the Warcup line disppeared in the 1950's.

Thie is a bumper upload as far as the unconnected Warkups are concerned, or rather the unconnected Warkcups. We 
now have all the birth-marriages-deaths for Warkcups logged and are adding them to the tree. We now believe we 
have over 95% of the Warkcups in England attached to the UnconnectedWarcups tree. We have confirmed parts of this
tree via new contacts made on the Warkcups tree. After trading e-mails for some months, we've also finally 
attached Jan Macarthur to our tree. Hopefully we'll sort out the few stragglers in the Warkcups in the next few 

If only it was as simple to get 95% of the Warkups and Warcups sorted !

11th November 2006

There have been no updates on the tree for a while. We've been collating all the births, marriages and deaths
for all the Warcups/Warkups/Warkcups from 1837 to 2004. Having got them all in one spreadsheet, the aim is to now
get every Warcup/Warkup/Warkcup onto our website, so hopefully there will be a few uploads in the near future.
e.g. Having found the marriage of Joseph Warcup b1865 Market Weighton in 1890 we've linked a sub-tree on the 
spreadsheet. This has enabled us to follow forward his descendents through to marriages in the 1980's.

Work on the newer Warkups has begun. We have followed the descendents of one of Levi (b1850) Warcup's children 
forward. We now have some of Alfred Victor's children as far as marriages in 1975, with Kennon and Wears surnames
also being added to the tree.

We've also found another branch of the tree over in Canada. Maria Elizabeth Warkup (William Arthur Warkup's aunt) 
married Robert Myers. After having one son in England, they travelled to Ontario and had another 6 sons. Maria's 
sister Fanny Warkup married John Myers (Robert's brother). Fanny & John also emmigrated and had 3 children over
in Ontario.

22nd October 2006

This upload is mainly to remove the first names of anyone on the tree after 1920 for privacy. If you know
you're on the tree you can still find yourself, and if you want to confirm details you can contact us via e-mail. 
We are going to start moving forward to the present day with quite a few Warcup/Warkup lines so the first names
have been removed ready for this. 

We have a few members of the tree we have contacted recently and will be working forwards to the present day so we
can get them onto the tree.

In the background we have been compiling a list of every Warcup/Warkup/Warkcup birth and marriage from 1837 to 2004,
so if you've a Warcup/Warkup/Warkcup in your tree, it should eventually appear on this website.

14th October 2006

We have discovered why Kate Warkup who we found recently was the 13th child of Francis Warkup & Ann Maria Jordan
was not in the 1861 census. She died aged 2 days in December 1856. (Details / certificates added to the usual 
places). Unfortunatley we have also discovered she had a twin Clara who died aged 3 hours on Christmas Day 1856.
This now means Francis & Ann Maria had 14 children (the most children of anyone on the tree so far).

We have also now managed to place a living Warcup we contacted on GenesReunited onto the tree. His g-grandfather
was one of the 14 childen mentioned above, which makes us 3rd cousins. Somewhere in the 1930-1940's one of our
WarKups became a WarCup, and he is descended from this branch of the family.

stop press .....
We have just returned from a visit to the National Archives at Kew, and have been checking copyright laws 
concerning the War Record information etc we have found. During this research, we now believe that GRO (birth-
marriage-death) certificate images may not be displayed on the internet. We have hence removed them with this
upload. If you believe we have a copy of a certificate you are interested in, please contact us directly.

5th October 2006

Very quick upload, just to fix a connection on the tree before we disappear off to Kew.  
We have 2 Peter Warkups on the tree and has accidentally connected one Peter's family to the other Peter. 

27th September 2006

We're working through the backlog of information in this upload rather than finding new areas to explore. It's
a fairly small upload just to tidy up loose ends before the next major topic. 

The East Ayton monumental inscriptions have been identified on the OtherWarcups and the details added to the tree.
A previously unidentified marriage between John Warkup and Martha Witty has also been added to the OtherWarcups.

The Hornsea Monumental Inscriptions have been added to the website, with photos available of all the Warcup stones. 
The inscription for a Mary Warcup, daughter of John D Warcup states her mother was Elizabeth. We have 2 wives of 
John D so far, neither of which was called Elizabeth, so we still have one missing. The Withernwick churchyard
contained only 1 Warkup : John Warkup 1795-1864, head of the Withernwick branch.

The churches visited page has been updated to add Hornsea, Skipsea and Withernwick to the list.

We've had a few contacts from GenesReunited as we investigate the Calverts. We have a few relations of the people
who married into the Calverts, but no direct descendents (yet). The Calvert's are proving harder to find than the 

On the tree, we have a Tom Warkup b1877 (father of William Arthur Warkup). We had found out that Tom was one of
12 children. The children were born over a 24 year span. We have just found yet another child, Kate b 25-Dec-1855. 
(The certificate is on the website as usual.) We now have the highest number of children born to the same parents as
13 !

14th September 2006

This upload has been two main areas. The first concentrating on the members of the Warcups tree who are descended 
from William Warcup b1780 Cowden. His two sons left East Yorkshire and moved to Indiana, United States. The first 
son, John had one child in England: Edward, and a number of other children with his 2nd wife in Indiana. When John
died he left his estate to his Indiana children, leaving Edward only $5. Edward tried to contest the will and 
travelled over to Indiana. He must have failed as a few years later he was back in England in the work house 
(where he evetually died). 

The details of this family have been added to the EmigratedFamily page, under the OtherWarcups section. We suspect 
however that they will eventually be on OurWarcups tree, as they are living in the same town as some Warcups who 
are on our tree. This family also now have the earliest birth certificate of a Warcup. This was Annis Warcup
daughter of William Warcup and Ann Tate born 6th March 1838. 

The second area concentrated on with this upload is an update to the Swanland Calverts. All the information has been 
condensed onto one page, available from the UnusualFeatures entry in the menu. We have included all the information 
we have available to date. We have Louis Calvert as a prominent member of the local Church, and a few details on
his brother William Henry (Noel's grand-father). Further forward in the Calvert line, we have all the Calvert 
children in Swanland attending the local school. We have also added details of Noel Calvert's attendance at 
Boulevard Nautical School. As usual, more information to follow if we find any.

Additionally one last inclusion in this upload before we disappear on holiday. We have been trying to establish if
a contact in Sardinia is connected to our Warcups. We can now confirm she is, as the marriage certificate of
Bathsheba Warcup to James Buck 1851 has arrived. It is available on the Certificates Index pages accesible from the
SourcesOfInfo page (or via the individual's notes pages).

( As requested, we've included the software used in helping to create the website. It's available at the bottom of
the SourcesOfInfo page.)

3rd September 2006

We're working our way through the backlog of images collected from the last Yorkshire visit. A new churchyard
layout has been added to the Churchyard section of the Maps page. This shows the other half of Flamborough, with the
positions of the members of the main tree marked on the map. Clicking on the squares will show the relevant image,
as per the Beeford & Flamborough layouts. We have many more images, and they will be added as we add them to the

We've now taken all the information from the previous website structure and added it to this. The 'Family Tree' link
has been removed. (All information which was available by digging through pages on this link can now be reached by
the links on the left-hand menu.)

The out-of-print book we found about Swanland has arrived, and didn't disappoint. We now have a photo of Louis 
Calvert (Walter Edward Calvert's uncle). It's the earliest Calvert photo we have with Louis b1878. We will sort out 
the information in the book and add it to the website in a future upload. We've started going back over some of the 
Calvert information to get it onto the web. We've added Bertie Calvert b1884's 1891 census entry. It may help us 
track down some distant relations. We believe we may have found a couple, but it might take a while to confirm this.

29th August 2006

We've been concentrating in the other Warcup family living in Hornsea with this upload. They were all descended 
from William Warcup of Cowden. Two of his sons: John Warcup (b1803 Preston by Hedon) and William Warcup 
(b1815 Mappleton) left England and went to live in Indiana, United States. The family of William b1815 are the 
only other Warcups on the Hornsea IGI records we had not identified. We haven't linked them to our main tree (yet),
ao we've added all the details to the'OtherWarcups' until we do. They left England in 1830 and 1843, and we suspect 
they may be one of the first families in Indiana. When we have linked them to the main tree, we will pursue this 
further. We will leave the OtherWarcups for a while as we are waiting for information we had ordered to arrive. 

25th August 2006

We've now found another cousin of Lily Watts b1901 - George Matthew Watts b1910, bringing the total to 6 so far.
More interestingly we have discovered an entry in the Driffield Times of a death announcement of an Alice Ann Watts.
The death was announced as a daughter of Tom Watts, Great Kelk. As far as we know all the Watts's from Kelk are 
related. A bit of digging has revealed an aunt of Nancy Warkup which we previously knew nothing about! Lily Watts 
had an elder sister called Alice Ann Watts b 11-Dec-1900, who died on 04-Jan-1901.

On the Ayton Warkups, we have now confirmed that Frank Warkup & Jane Hepworth's son Frank died aged 2 months in 1910.
Their marriage certificate lists Francis as a bachelor, so the 1901 census entry would have listed him as un-married.
His date of birth varies across census and certificates, varying between 1869 and 1872. We have his uncle William 
getting married, and also his sister Mary Ann, so Mary Warkup b 27-May-1917 may have more than the 4 cousins found
so far.

The burial records from Beverley Archives for Skipsea have confirmed the death dates of Stephen Warcup and his wife
Phoebe as 1825 and 1829 respectively. 

The monumental inscriptions for Burton Pidsea have narrowed down the birth years for the top of the Burton Pidsea
branch. We have John Warkup (b1762) and his wife Bathsheba (b1780). We're now tracking down the only other Warkups
in the Hornsea family who we previoulsy thought had disappeared. We think they left Yorkshire and travelled to 
Indiana USA via New York. More investigation is required on this one.

There is now a new entry on the Maps page, showing the layout of the Flamborough churchyard. (The extension will be
added at some point). It is similar to the Beeford layout, with highlighted squares showing relatives in the main
tree, and clicking on them showing the images. We have a number of images which have not been added (yet), but they
will appear in a future update.

19th August 2006

We have been through the 1863 - 1930 transcribed burial records for Beeford. It has solved one mystery we had. We
had the birth of 2 sisters Ada (b 20 May 1868) and Eva (b 28 Oct 1871). We had 2 death certificates for Ada (one 
in 1868, one in 1871). Thanks to the burial records, we have now identified the correct death certificates. Eva's
death certificate incorrectly has the name 'Ada' on it. Presumably the wrong name was given when registering the
2nd child's death.

We have also catalogued and added images for all the Skipsea monumental inscription on the tree. Unfortunately
not all stones are still available to photograph, so some will be permanently missing unless anyone out there already
has copies.

Contact with another Warkup in Australia has provided more information. We now have details on the descendents from
South Shields. We've made a start on this, but as we currently have a large backlog of information to upload, it will
take a while to get down to the person we've contacted on the tree. (We'll get there eventually Jan, I've added it
to our to-do list). We have tied up 2 more entries in the National Burials Index (available from Sources Of Info) :
we have Ralph Warkcup (b1895 d1896) and Edith Ann Warkcup (b1899 d1901). Once again a variation of the spelling of
Warkup depending on where the families moved to.

We've updated the Beeford Churchyard Layout page (access via the MonumentalInscriptionsIndex). It is now possible to
click on each square in the graveyard, and view an image of the stone at that location. 

The Lockton parish registers have filled in a few gaps. e.g. Hannah Warcup b 1834 d 1838, and we now have the 
Monumental Inscriptions for William Warcup b 1819 & Elizabeth Harper b 1819 of Lockton, which confirms their death

Another set of certificates have arrived with another close relative of Nancy Warkup being discovered. Details to 
follow in the next upload.

5th August 2006

We've pulled out the details of the War Records for members of the tree (which were previously on the web, but 
difficult to find). There's a new entry on the main page 'War' where we will add all the details, including photos
of the appropriate War Memorials. 

We have found out who J C Warkup on a war memorial in Kilham is. He was a descendent on the "Other Warcups",
from the Ayton branch. We have his birth certificate. We now have 6 confirmed children of Francis Warkup and Jane
Hepworth. We believe we may have a seventh. We know they had a daughter Gladys born approx 1907, and we have the
birth of an unnamed female in 1908. However, we now think they are different children, so we are trying to prove

On the main tree, we have identified all but one of the Beeford Burials 1813 - 1863 transcribed from the Archives
at Beverley. (The Warkups buried 1813 - 1863 is available from the Sources Of Info page and it indicates who the 
Warkups who were buried were related to.) This has identified what happened to a number of children who we were
unable to locate - they died during infancy. We still have to work through the 1863 - 1930 transcribed burials at 
some point. 

We have now identified all the Sims in Beeford churchyard as being related to Geoffrey Malcolm Sims, with the latest
addition being a grand-uncle George Edwin Sims b1914. George married Agnes Mary Watts (yet another link between the
Warkup / Sims / Watts families). Agnes Mary Watts is Lily Watt's 1st cousin, and Lily's daughter Nancy married 
George's nephew William Ernest Sims. (Hopefully immediate members of the family will be able to follow this.) All 
the new images of Beeford Inscriptions are on the Monumental Insctiptions Indexes (with a newly updated church 
layout available on the same page showing where all these graves are in the churchyard).

Thanks to the marriages transcribed from the Beverley Archives, we now have 3 new cousins for Lily Watts b1901:
Agnes Mary b1913, Fred b1917 and Louise b1927, who were all children of Lily's uncle Frank Watts b1882. We 
fortunately visited the Archives on the last day before they closed prior to moving, and with all the information we
found there, we will be making another visit when it re-opens.

4th August 2006

We've been following the Ayton Warups a little further. We have found Francis Warkup (born approx 1867) in all the 
available census records. Interestingly he is listed as a widower in 1901, although we have only found his marriage
listed as 1906. The certificate for the 1906 marriage is on order, to confirm if he claimed to be a bachelor or a 
widower when he married. We also think Mary Ann (his sister) may have married in Hunslet in 1902 (which was where 
another sister - Hannah was living with her husband and 3 children). Certificate is on it's way for this marriage 
too. We've found another son of William Warkup (b1818) - Joseph Warkup (b1856), so he now has 5 children with Hannah

On the main tree we have crossed off another Beeford IGI record with the arrival of Willam Warkup's marriage 
certificate (mar 03-12-1894).
We've just arrived back from a bumper weekend in deepest, darkest Yorkshire so we have a wealth of information which
will appear here shortly. (This includes a trip to Beverley Archives).  As a starter, more of the Beeford Monumental 
Inscriptions photos have been collected, with an additional 55 new ones added (available from the Scanned Monumental
Inscriptions index on the Sources Of Info page). All the new images are for members of the main tree. We expect 
almost all of Beeford churchyard to be connected eventually.

As we have so much information, the uploads will be done as we enter the details for each portion, so more will 
follow shortly.. 

19th July 2006

After exchanging e-mails with a descendent of the West Ayton branch of the family, we have manage to tie up quite
a few loose ends. All the information is available via the 'Other Warcups' link from the main page. We have filled
in the descendents of John Warcup (b1843) & Mary Brown (b1841). They had (at least) 4 children, including Francis
Warkup (b1868 West Ayton), James (b1871), Hannah (b1873) and Mary Ann (b1877). We have found out who the mystery
Gladys Warkup was who had 2 children, and Hannah Warkup who also had an illegitimate child.

This group of Warkups are all descended from William Warup b1720. We have added their information to the link:
'William Warcup b1720' available on the Other Warcups link, to show where they fit in.

This upload is to allow the descendents of the Ayton Warkups to see where they fit on our tree, more to follow 
as we find it.. 

16th July 2006

The arrival of the death certificate of Cross Lazenby was a little disappointing. We had a tip-off that there
may have been some foul play involved. The certificate reports the cause of death as diabetes, so it wasn't as
exciting as it potentially could have been, unless of course the doctor who certified the death was in on it !

The link between the Beeford-Skipses-Hornsea Warkups and the Withernwick Warkups now means we are re-visiting
the mounds of information we have on them. The birth certificate of John Warkup (b1839) and the death certificates
of 2 different John Warkups (which we have had for 18months) now match members of the Withernwick Warkups. Once
again the spelling of ther Warkups varies over different census records as they move to different towns. The 
Withernwick Warkups then lead to the families in Skirlaugh, Beverley, Market Weighton etc so they are also all
related. The 'Our Warcups' page is updated as we find more links.

We have just discovered the Withernwick Warkups are descended from the Burton Pidsea Warkups, so we'll have to
go back and revisit the Burton Pidsea branch and all the information we have on them.

We have exchanged e-mails with another descendent of the Warcups. (It's good to hear from anyone out there, as 
eventually we suspect ALL Warcups from England will be on one tree). This branch are descended from the tree
available from the 'Other Warcups' page, and have gone as far afield as Australia. We will go through the 
information we have exchanged as any new contacts always brings new information. 

We are also planning a visit to Beverley Archives, Lockton, and a number of other places, which should open up
more leads.

8th July 2006

Another upload filling in missing details. This one mainly concentrates on Beeford in the 1851 census. A few 
more family surnames have joined the tree, with Simpkin, Shaw, Lockie and Whitings. We are now finding links 
between various parts of Yorkshire where other pockets of Warcups were living. The elusive connection between 
the main tree and the unconnected Warcups is still evading us at the moment.
There has been a break in the digging for a month, due to holidays and a dead pc. This upload is to get us back
to a clean starting point again. We may have a lead which will allow us to link another branch of Warcups to the
main tree. An update to follow with the next upload after a bit more investigation.

21st May 2006

The death certificates of the earliest Kirby's on the tree arrived. They confirmed that Francis & Sarah were 
living in Skerne when they both died in 1842 (within a month of each other). The witness was Eliza Kirby 
which may have been their daughter Elizabeth b1794.

One mystery is solved by the arrival of Edith Kirby's birth certificate (b1881). Edith is the illegitimate 
daughter of Sarah Ann Kirby, which is why Edith appears as a grand-daughter of John & Hannah Kirby in the 1881
census. Sarah Ann's sister Mary Kirby also had an illegitimate son William Butler (b1879) confirmed by the
arrival of his birth certificate.
(All certificates as usual available from the indexes.)

We have added some more KIRBY photos to the website. The unidentified ones are on the UnidentifiedPhotos link,
with the others available from the PhotoIndex page on the tree of via individual notes pages.

We have linked another family group to the Unconnected Tree with the arrival of William Warucp & Hannah Baley's
marriage certificate (m1841). The number of isolated trees is slowly reducing.

Tracing ome of the links of the main tree, we have followed the Lazenby's across from Beeford to Canada. This has
resulted in a new section for 1911 Canadian census entries (available from the SourcesOfInfo). We've nearly got
down the tree far enough to add on a Lazenby we've exchanged e-mails with.

14th May 2006

This upload is only really of interest if you're interested in the families in Skipsea/Beeford in 1851. We've
been tracking down more marry-ins to the Warkups from other families. The ones we've identified from the 1851
census are available from the census index. Some of the new names from these areas include: Cross, Purdon, 
North, Braimbridge, Sampson  and Stephenson. It sees an additional 20-30 people identified from 1851, with 
almost 100 new faces added to the main tree.

7th May 2006

The arrival of the marriage certificate of Joseph Warup & Ursula Dodsworth (Mar 1853) didn't clear up the mystery
of Joseph's christening being before his birth. The certificate (as many did) states him being of 'full age' 
rather than giving an exact age. There is another entry on the OtherWarcupsIndexes so any birth certificates we
find can be accessed.

We have added a link to the menu which now shows 'Our Warups'. We are going through all the IGI records for 
Warcups in the British Isles (approx 2000 of them so it may take a while). The new page shows the areas we have
identified and how they are related. So far there is only Beeford, Skipsea and Hornsea on the page, but more will 
be added as we discover more pockets of Warcups that are related.

Other than that, it's been a tidying up exercise on the information with this upload, so no new startling

23rd April 2006

We now have a second 'unconnected' tree of Warcups. This is a availabe from the Other Warcups tree page. These
are the descendents of John Warcup (b1797) and Edith Salmon (b1793). We have already linked this new tree with
the other unconnected tree we already had (descendents of William Warcup b1720). The link is described on the 
Other Warcups pages.
A few more details on the first unconnected tree, confirmed by certificates (available from the usual indexes):
(1) We have confirmed the middle name of Simon Warcup b1844 was Harding (his mother's maiden name)
(2) We have another son of this Simon Harding Warcup - Alfred b1873, who must have died before the 1881 census
(3) Simon harding Warup's son John b1871 also carried on the Harding name as we have Simon Harding Warcup b1903

We've added an entry on the SourcesOfInfo page which will detail any of the Warkup tree we find a National 
Burial record for. 

Next on the list is to work through the 1851 census for Warcup/Warkup to see who there is left that we haven't
managed to link to our tree or the unconnected-warcups tree.

16th April 2006

Having checked the 1871 census, we have yet another 2 children of Richard Kirby b1828. This now brings the 
total to 13 children. There is also an (as yet) unidentified Alfred E Kirby listed as a grand-son of Richard.

We have made contact with a few distant relatives in the UK and Canada. We've started adding a list on the 
Fellow Researchers page. We're also interested to see if anyone out there recognises any of a selection of 
photos we have that were taken in East Yorkshire. These are available on the Unidentified Photos page. It might
be that some of the relatives out there recognise them, or perhaps have relatives that bear an uncanny 
resemblance. (All identified photos have been added to the graphical tree.)

(A further note on Ada Kirby b1881 - she is listed as Ada Porritt Kirby on We have a few more Kirby's 
on the tree. One daughter of Richard Kirby & ELizabeth Reed (Jane b1861) turned out to be Mary Jane, She married
and we have found 11 children so far. Having come to a pause while we wait for certificates, work moves back 
onto the Warcups for a while.

10th April 2006

We have completed the tree of Joseph Warcup (b1828 Lockton) as far as possible for now (waiting on certificate
for more info). This includes adding the first of the monumental inscriptions for the uncconected warcup tree.
This brings the total on the unconnected tree to 237 individuals, most of whom are scattered across United States.

There is now a link off the OtherWarcups tree which shows where this family came from in Yorkshire, and the
branch which went to the United States is available off the Emigrated Family page.

The arrival of a marriage certificate for one of the descendents of William Warcup b1720 implies that another 
Warcup tree married into his tree. (Detals to follow when they have been researched a bit more.)

Back on the main tree, pn the Kirby side we have the monumental inscriptions for the earliest Kirby's we have : 
Francis b1758 and his wife Sarah b1765. The death certificates for these two are on order in the hope that they 
might reveal some more information. We have filled in the family of John Jefferson Kirby (b1825) in the 1881 
census including a correction of Jane to Joanna b1863. We have also solved the mystery of the Ada Kirby b1881 
isted as a grand-daughter of John in the 1881 census (details on Mary Kirby's notes b1861). The details of the 
other grand-daughter are being investigated. Details to follow.

2nd April 2006

This upload concentrates on tracking down Joseph Warcup b1828 Lockton and his descendants. He emigrated to the 
United States and lived in Illinois. We have tracked this branch of the Warcup family across Illinois, North 
Dakota and over to Washington. His details are available from the OtherWarcups tree, and the first link on the 
new Emigrated Family page shows where he lived. (There is now also an Index from the OtherWarcups page which 
shows all the census records etc where we have found Warcups not yet connected to the main tree.)

As we find Newspaper articles related to members of the main tree (or the unconnected tree) they will be added 
to the Newspaper Articles page. The first couple of entries have been added this week. An extra entry from the 
Maps page also shows any places we have visited during the research. Currently this shows a sample of the churches
we have been to.

25th March 2006

This upload sees the inclusion of some maps available from the Map link on the main page. We can now see the
distribution of the 4 main surnames we are investigating, across England & Wales at the time of the 1881 census.

We have John Wesley Kirby's birth certificate b1868 which confirms his parents (Robert Butler Kirby & Jane Hood), 
though we are still no further on working out where the 'Butler' comes from. (As usual certificates available 
from certificates page or through individual notes pages on the tree.) Asa Baasha's birth certificate b1857 also 
confirms that the marriage we suspected was correct & his parents were Francis Tayor Kirby & Christiana Parker.
(Still no clues about where the Taylor comes from either.) We have John Jefferson's birth certificate b1865, and 
have corrected his parents who are now John Jefferson Kirby & Hannah Jarrett. Francis George Gardner Kirby's
birth certificate b1869 has filled in another unknown - his mother was Elizabeth Reed. (Yet another unusual middle
-name 'Gardner', these must all belong to relatives of the Kirby's). The final Kirby certificate in this batch was 
the death certificate of Robert Butler Kirby, which confirms he was born on 1820.

We have added a few more details to the unconnected-warcups. We are currently working on the descendants of William
Warcup b1773 in Appleton-Le-Street. We have a branch of that family who first moved to Lockton, and then further
north to Houghton-Le-Spring (Durham). We believe some of the family then emmigrated. They're next on the list to 
track down.

12th March 2006

The GRO appear to be struggling, and certificates are taking weeks to arrive rather than days. In the meantime, we 
have decided to re-vamp the website. We now have a great deal of information which is difficult to incorporate into 
the tree. Many more pages will appear over the coming weeks, and be added to the new structure. The website still 
contains the original structure rather than re-work all the existing pages. The new pages will follow the new simple 

We are mainly concentrating on WARKUP, but will keep dipping back to CALVERT, KIRBY & WATTS etc. Hopefully the next
upload will contain maps of where these tree-members are living, eventually including all the emigrated members.

The main work on the tree (apart from the web-site) is to reduce the 'unknown' surnames. The total is down to less than
50, and the arrival of the certificates we are waiting on will (eventually) remove a few more unknowns.

We've also decided to start adding the information on unconnected Warcups onto the website. We are convinced they are
all related, and it is only a matter of time until the families are either directly related, or inter-marry. The trees
for these (as yet) unconnected Warcups are available via the Other Warcups link. More to follow over the coming weeks.

5th March 2006

As usual, whilst investigating a couple of facts, we get distracted and head off down another path in the tree. This 
time it was Hawkins. We've now added a few more and are up to 16 on the tree. This includes about 1/3rd of the Hawkins
family buried in Beeford. The 1851 census Index has also been updated, to separate out the Beeford and Flamborough 
sections as we have previously done with Skipsea. This makes it easier to see how much of the town we have covered
and added to the tree. (Not much as yet, but the pages will grow over time.)

Having exchanged e-mails with a descendent of the Myers family, we have co-incidentally found the Myers-Warkup branch
have emmigrated to Canada. John Myers & Fanny Warkup had 2 sons and Robert Myers & Maria Elizabeth Warkup had 4 sons, 
all born in York (now known as Toronto), Ontario, Canada. 

Work on the Kirby side is still paused pending the arrival of certificates.

25th February 2006

Following contact from a living descendent of the Kirby's on our tree, we are re-visiting that part of the tree to fill
in some of the details. We have followed Richard Kirby b1788 (Noel Calvert's Great-Great grandfather) through census 
records from 1841-1861. His GG grandmother (Mary Stephenson) was from Swanland, which was where a branch of the Calvert
tree ended up living. Following Richard Kirby, we now know he was one of 11 children born of Francis Kirby and Sarah 
Jefferson. (It looks like this is the source of the various Jefferson Kirby's in the tree.) We have located Francis and
Sarah still living in the 1841 census. As there are 11 siblings, there are potentially a large number of Kirby's still 
to add to the tree.

Despite waiting for certificates, another 2 children of John Jefferson Kirby b1825, and another 2 of Francis Taylor 
Kirby b1821 have been added. There are still details on 3 additional children of Richard Kirby b1828 which have not yet
been keyed in. It looks like they were mainly centred round Watton, Skerne, Hutton Cranswick etc, but one branch appears
to have gone to North Frodingham (where quite a few Warcups are located). More Kirby info will follow ..

29th January 2006

We are now re-visiting the tree, to try to tidy up all the 'unknown' surnames, although this may take some considerable
time. Most of this update is tidying up lose ends, so nothing of particular interest to report this time.

Having discovered a large number of the tree members also in the Skipsea churchyard, we are going back over the 
records for Skipsea. Most of the Cammidge's in Skipsea are now connected, with the associated Monumental Inscriptions
being available from the index. We've also added all the Dixons and finshed off the Watt's members from Skipsea.

As there are quite a few members in Skipsea, the 1851, 1861, 187 and 1901 census indexes now have a separate section 
for Skipsea. As it's a very small town, we expect most pages of the Skipsea census records to contain some people on 
the tree.

22nd January 2006

More of the Beeford churchyard is on the tree - Annie Elizabeth Hodgson's uncle, William Coleman b1813 has been added.
Having realised we had Alice Watt's DOB mis-typed, once it was corrected, we too found a reference to her in Beeford 
churchyard. Alice (Lily Watt's aunt) was buried along with Alice's sister Agnes. Agnes had married into the Frankish's,
and the Frankish's in the churchyard are also all on the tree.

We have found an O.B.E. in the family. Thomas Danby Reed b1872 Upton was Martha Reed's nephew. (Martha is William Arthur
Warkup's grandmother). He was given the honour for services during the war. Details can be seen from the Unusual Features

We have a large number of 'Jordan's in Beeford cemetery, most of which seem to be related to William Arthur Warkup's
grandmother Ann Maria JOrdan b1835. We have quite a bit of conflicting information, but are tracing the 'tribe' of
Jordan's over in Canada to attempt to see which ones came from Beeford.

We also have Hillarby's, Sowersby's and Durham's in Skipsea & Beeford churchyards who are already on the tree. We are 
now working through revisiting all the monumental inscriptions. Previoulsy none of the people appeared to be related, 
but the more you dig, the more you realise all the families of Beeford / Skipsea are probably inter-related.

14th January 2006

Back after the Christmas break, and back on the main tree. 
We have found William Arthur Warkup's grandmother Martha Reed b1835. She was one of at least 7 children, born of Thomas
Reed (b1799) and Ann Horsdell. The Reed's lived in Beeford Grange. Working through the Monumental Inscriptions, all the 
Reed's buried in Beeford are related to Martha, and are all on the tree. Martha Reed married William Hodgson, and their
graves, along with William Arthur Warkup's uncle (Albert Reed Hodgson b1877) are also in Beeford. Martha and William had
at least 4 children, one of which was called William Arthur. Their daughter Annie Elizabeth Hodgson presumably named her
son William Arthur Warkup after her brother. The Hodgson's lived in Crow Grange, and all the Hodgson's in Beeford 
churchyard are related and now on the tree. 

All the Sowerby's and Shawcross's in Beeford churchyard are also on the tree. Since we now have quite a few 'non-Warkups'
the Beeford churchyard map of the graves has been updated. Previously we only included Warkup/Sims/Watts, but now we've 
added relations with other surnames as we gradually seem to be adding more and more of the people buried in Beeford onto
the main tree.

Having found many Reed's from Preston, we are once again on the trail of a link between the tree and the other Warcup tree
we have. We have a Thomas Reed b1799 Hatfiled, who is an ancestor of william Arthur Warkup b1920. Thomas, along with a 
William b1793 are the only Reeds in Preston in 1841, so they could be brothers. A descendant of William marries into the 
Withernwick Warcups, but as yet we are unable to link Thomas and William. The search for the missing link continues ....

17th December 2005

More multiple marriages into the Warcup family from another family. This time 2 related members of the Emmerson family, and
2 related members of the Bayes family, and 2 related members of the Wiles family have married related members of the Warcup 
family in Flamborough. (Link available from the UnusualFeaturesIndex). 

There appear to be a considerable number of people in the 1841 census from Flamborough who are already on the tree. We have
managed to locate 153 (so far), but with time, and perseverance this number is only going to increase. No dramatic 
revalations with this upload, just gaps filled, with the emphasis on the 1841 census. Once we have most of that established,
we can follow the families forward to see how much of the town of today came from the people of 1841. 

10th December 2005

Yet another occurrence of multiple marriages into the Warcup family from another family. This time 3 related members of the 
Mainprize family in Flamborough have married 3 members of the Warcup family. (The link is once again availble from the 
doublelinks index off the UnusualFeaturesIndex page.)

A little more digging reveals multiple members of the Traves family in Flamborough also married multiple members of the
Warcup family. This is becoming a running theme in Flamborough, so the plan now is to see how much of the population of
Flamborough are actually related. The 1841 census index page has been re-vamped to more easily identify which parts of the
census are now on the tree.

22nd November 2005

We are on the trail of any of the descendants of the top of our tree (John Warcup b1679). More of the Lazenby's were the first 
target. We have followed Henry Lazenby (b1848 Beeford) up to Middlesborough with 5 children. One child, John Henry b1875 has
subsequently married, and has had 4 children (so far).

A couple more certificates have found more descendants of the Hull Warkups (Jospeh b1906, marrying Elsie Dickinson 1933, and
having a daughter Janet b1938).

We have also wandered into the Warcups of Flamborough. There appears to be a lot of inter-marrying between the families in
this town. Everyone appears to be related in some way to everyone else. The doublelinks index (accessed via the 
UnusualFeatures index from the main page) has been updated. It now shows 3 related members of the Duke family marrying 3 
related Warcups (and there may well be more between these families). The doublelinks index also shows 3 related members of 
the Cross family marrying 3 related Warcups (and there is at least one more Cross marrying a Warcup in the same time-frame).

We also have a new entry on the UnusualFeaturesIndex, showing we have Warcups prosecuted for smuggling off the EastYorkshire

30th October 2005

A few more certificates were ordered, as we have now reached the stage where almost every birth-marriage-death of a Warcup/
Warkup in East Yorkshire is related and on the tree. Hoping to reveal a skeleton, the death certificate of Amy Lamplugh (nee
Warkup) was ordered. Her husband (John William) went on to marry her sister, who had already had a son called John William. 
No exciting poisoning's though, Amy died of 'caries of spine'.

We also have an additional child of John Warkup & Hannah Huzzard, bringing the total to 10. The son b1840 was un-named, and 
does not appear in the 1841 census, so presumably he died in infancy.

We have added more of the Skipsea-tribe to the tree, almost all the people named Hall in the town appear to belong to the 
same family which married into the Warcups.

We have also located a new photo of Noel Calvert in the Scouts circa 1942 (which is available from the photo page index). We 
have also learned that he may have attended a Nautical college, and are currently tryng to find out which one and when.

23rd October 2005

Having linked the Beeford-Skipsea Warcups to John b1679 (Flamborough), we are following the families forward, to see how 
many people from Skipsea and Beeford are actually related. e.g. the Hall's (which are quite a large family) are descended 
from Jane Warcupp b1776. So far we have added 35 new descendants of Jane Warcupp b1779, and quite a few are still living in
Skipsea/Beeford. One descendant for example Ethel Hall b1886 marries back into the Warcup family Jane was a part of.

On the Calvert side we have made some more progress. We don't have any more information yet, but we have located copies of a
couple of photographs taken by Louis Calvert. These images are available via option 10 on the UnusualFeaturesIndex accessible
from the front page. One of these photos was the home of Noel Calvert and shows where his father Walter used to work.

16th October 2005

We have been investigating Noel Calvert's grandmother Martha Hunter, and the Hunter family. The Hunters all came from 
Northumberland, so we are tracking where they travelled (in case there are links to the Warcups from that area at that
time). Martha's eldest brother Robert b1870 was still in Northumberland in 1901 living with his wife, children & youngest 
brother Matthew b1883. 

Having spent quite a bit of time on the Warcups on our 'other' tree, we have paused work on that for a while. (Hence the gap
for a few weeks without an update.) We are now back looking at the tree on the web. Some new information has come to light 
regarding the early members of the tree, notably John Warcup b1716 (Skipsea). We now believe he married twice, which means 
a slight change to the early part of the tree. (See Unusual Features index - Skipsea-Flamborough rethink entry). It means 
that the Skipsea & Beeford Warcups were actually descendants of the Flamborough Warcups (rather than just being linked by
marriage). This also gives us a number of additional Warcups on the tree to follow, more info to follow as we find it.

11th September 2005

We have been expanding some of the tree where female Warcup's have married. This may give us a link (eventually) to the 
other Warcup trees we have been building up on a second tree (not available via the web). We are concentrating on the 
families who stayed in the area to see if we can find a marriage link to the 'other' Warcup tree.
We have Ann Warcup b1835 married to John Clayton and their family in 1861, 1871 census by which time they are in Blackburn.
We have Dorothy Warcup b1816 married to William Dobson and their family in 1841, 1851 census, who are still in Beeford.
We have Maria Sewell b1833 married to John Bentley and their family in 1871, 1881 census by which time they are in 

We have found a couple more of the Warkups travelling to USA, arriving in New York in 1906. These have been added to the 
emmigrated index. We have Herbert Warkup (b1871) & his wife, who were travelling with Herbert's sister Edith (who had only
been married 2 days) & her husband and Robert Taylor (b1878). The family travelled back & forward to England returning
with various members of their family.

We have also uploaded a few more photos from the Sims side of the family (thanks Carolyn!).

14th Aug 2005

We have marriage certificate of Walter Edward Calvert's grand-parents (Edward Hunter & Mary Richardson, both of 
Northumberland). This gives their father's names, so we could locate their families in the census records. We have Edward,
one of at least 4 children born of Matthew (b1814) & Hannah (b1815) Hunter in Northumberland. This takes us back to Noel
Calvert's great-great-grandfather Matthew. Similarly we have located Betsy Handley (another of Walter Edward's grand-mothers). 
Betsy was one of at least 7 children born of John (b1814) and Ann (b1817) Handley.

This upload mainly contains confirmed data about the Calvert's of Swanland. With the birth certificate of Jeremy (Louis) 
Calvert, and marriage certificate of his parents, we have verified that portion of the tree. We have also exchange e-mails
with a person who went to school with Noel Calvert. He provided us with Noel's address whilst at school (which we will visit
in due course). We knew Noel's father was a joiner, and we now know he made ammunition boxes during the war in the old mill 
in the garden of his house in Swanland. More to follow, as we discover it.

8th Aug 2005

The monumental inscriptions & images for North Ferriby have been added (Swanland does not have it's own graveyard, so 
'Calvert's of Swanland are found there.) We have William Henry, b1875 and  his wife Martha Jane b1875. We have William Henry's
brother Louis Calvert b1878, and a record of the burial of Louis's wife Alice b1883 (but no monumental inscription).
We also have William Henry & Louis's parents : Walter Calvert b1848 and his wife Betsy b1848. These are available from the 
indexes on the main page.

We now know Martha Jane Calvert, (nee Hunter), who ran the Swanland Post-Office was one of at least 8 children, who all came 
from Northumberland. As there is a reasonable amount of information on the Swanland Calvert's, instead of detailing it all 
here, an entry has been made on the UnusualFeaturesIndex (available from the Main Page). This entry details all the 
information found (so far) on the Swanland Calvert's.

2nd Aug 2005

The marriage certificate of George Shawcross b1839 Beeford (who is Geoff Sim's great-great grandfather) confirms his
father's name 'John'. We also have the marriage certificate of John Shawcross b1796 Sheffield, which unfortunately lists no
father's name, so the trail may stop there for Shacross ancestors of Geoff. It does confirm that the great-great-great
grandmother of Geoff was Sarah Newlove b1811 Fridaythorpe (as we suspected). We also have her baptism record which gives 
her parents. This takes the trail back to Geoff's g-g-g-g grandfather Willam Newlove born before 1785. 
The birth certificate of Mary Sims b1850 Wressel confirms that William Sims (b1801) had a wife called Mary Maskell/Masketh
/? (it's a little difficult to read). 

We are now back on the trail of the emmigrated Warcups. We have found Isaac Warcup reaching Canada via New York (and have 
updated the Emmigrated entry on the index for Isaac to reflect this. 

We are also filling in some of the Canadian descendants of the family of Plewes's descended from Grace Warcup of Hornsea. We
have at least 2 Warkup's who emmigrated from Skipsea / Beeford to Ontario, Canada. 

We had previously had Martha Warkup (b1815 Beeford) listed as an abandoned wife in 1851 census. We had now located her, back
with her husband (George Warkup b1814) later that year, having emmigrated to Ontario, Canada. An entry on the emmigrated 
index (available from the homepage) details where he was found. We also tracked down Robert Warkup b1828 Beeford. He had 
moved to Ontario, Canada and was living with his sister-in-law's brother (Samuel Jordan) and the Jordan family in 1851. 
More Warkups to follow as we find them.

It's a while since the last upload as we have been doing some 'physical investigation', visiting some of the towns on the 
tree. As a result we now have a lot of information to go through, including quite a bit on the Calvert-side. The next 
posting should be an interesting one as far as the Calvert's are concerned, including solving the mystery of the photo of 
the Swanland post-office we have.

6th July 2005

Following the Sims family line upwards, we now have William Ernest Sims's grandfather Tom b1868. From his birth certificate
we have his mother Ann Sims, who we have found in the 1861 census living with her parents (William & Mary Sims) and 2 
sisters. We have found the baptism of William in 1801, and the marriage of his parents (David Sims & Sarah Brooks) in 1796.
This takes the Sims side back to Geoff's great-great-great-great-grandfather David Sims who married in 1796 in Howden. 
William and Mary Sims had at least 6 children in Wressell, so Tom b1868 had 5 uncles/aunts, and the Sims family is now

William Ernest Sims's grandmother was Minnie Shawcross b1876 in Skipsea. We have traced the Shawcross family back via 
Nafferton and Fridaythorpe to William's great-great-grandfather John Shawcross being born in 1796 in Sheffield. John's wife, 
Sarah Newlove came from Fridaythorpe, so we will do a little digging to see if Minnie's grandmother Sarah can be traced any
further back.

3rd July 2005

We have filled in a few unknowns - Issac Warcup b1815 was married to a Mary Bulson (surname previously unknown). We have found
the marriages of more female Warkups (Christine Anne, Asenath Mary and Florence). It is now becoming apparent that there are
more monumental inscriptions for non-Warkups which also belong to members on the tree, so these are being added as they
are found.

We have also been doing some digging on the relations of William Ernest Sims b1919. His mother married Herbert Morris 
Sowersby (who was the son of Hannah Warkup b1869 in Brough). They subsequently had at least 3 children, (Thomas William 
Sowersby, Audrey Sowersby and Edith Mary Sowersby which gives William Ernest at least 2 aunts and an uncle. Thomas William 
then had at least 2 children: David Thomas Sowersby and Michael Edward Sowersby who are both cousins of William Ernest Sims's
son Geoff. 

10th Jun 2005

This update contains a mix of changes:
The marriage certificate of Nancy Warcup in 1837 has now confirmed a link (via marriage) between the Warcup's of Flambro, and
the Warkup's of Beeford/Skipsea ( see unusual features for details).
We now have Robert Butler Kirby b1900 getting married. This gives Noel Calvert an uncle and aunt on his mother's side, and 
the possibility of cousins if they had children.

We have a few newer members on the tree, some of which are :
Leslie Warkup & Kathleen Mary Sawdon's chilren: Ronald Leslie and Cyril Keith Warkup. 
Cyril & Joan May Warkup's daughter : Christina Ann Warkup.
Harry & Florence Warkup's children: Dorothy and John Herbert Warkup.
Francis Henry & Edith Mary Warkup's daughters Winifred Harriet Mary Warkup & Agnes Marion Warkup.
Harold & Edna Violet Warkup's children: Rosslyn Sheila and Paul Anthony and Graham John Warkup.

We have traced another Warkup (Grace b1803) who married James Plewis and emmigrated to Canada. They had at least 11 children,
so there are quite a few descendants of Warkups spread across Canada.

The 1861 census index has also been added to the front page, with a few 1861 census entries available via this link.

22nd May 2005

We have found the marriage of another of Noel Calvert's grand-father's sisters. We have Loiusa Ann Kirby (b1860) marrying
Arther Tom Brunton (b1860). They had a son Harold, so we now have Noel with 3 cousins, once removed. 
More digging on the Kirby side has revealed they came from Watton. Noel's had a grand-father John Wesley Kirby. John Wesley's
grand-father had 11 children which gives John Wesley 11 uncles/aunts. John Wesley also had 20+ 1st cousins (so far), so we 
have the potential for quite a few Kirbys to be related ! (Still not found our what connection we have with a Swanland
post-office, but we're working on it)

18th May 2005

After much digging, we now have a link between the Beeford-Skipsea Warkups and the Flamborough Warcups. Lily Watts (who 
married William Arthur Warkup of Beeford) had a great grandmother Hannah Jameson b1812 Flamborough. Hannah's brother Peter 
b1816 married Nancy Warcup of the Flamborough Warcups n 1837.

We are now braving the Calvert-Kirby side again, and have found an uncle of Noel Calvert on his mother's side. Florence 
Kirby b1895 (Noel's mother) had a brother Robert Butler Kirby b1900. We have also found that Noel Calvert's grand-father on
his mother's side (John Wesley Kirby b1868) was one of at least 7 children. The youngest of his sisters, Ada Alice Kirby
appears to have been married to a John Hebblethwaite. They had at least 2 children, which gives Noel at least 2 cousins, 
once removed. Hopefully with some more digging, we may find some more.

2nd May 2005

The Flamborough Warcups are slowly being married off with the arrival of another 3 certificates, in the hope that one of
the spouses will provide the elusive link from Skipsea to Flamborough. We have Stephenson Warcup's marriage certificate
(mar 1857), Elizabeth Warcup's (mar1877) and George Warcup (mar 1869). Each one that arrives has witnesses with familiar
surnames, and reveals yet another fisherman in the family.

Work continues wading through the Warcups in the census records, tracking down where they have gone.
No particularly exciting news to report with this update, just confirmation of a lot of details for the Warcups im 
Flamborough have been added.

24th April 2005

Slight revision to the last upldate. We have linked all the Warcups in Skipsea, and have a Warcup family in Skipsea who came
from Flamborough. We have not (as yet) linked this Warcup family to the others in Flamborough. We have found most of the
Flamborough Warcups in the census records from 1841-1901 so we are now filling in the details for the Flamborough Warcups to
build up one (hopefully) connected tree.

On the Calvert side, work progresses slowly (as expected). We have received the death certificate of Jane Eliza Calvert
(who married George Calvert Kitchin). We also received her birth certificate, which confims she was born a Calvert. We now
have a Calvert marryng a Calvert. The birth certificate of Jane Eliza (b1852 and called Eliza Jane) cofirms her parents 
names, so we can see if they link in anywhere to our existing tree with a bit of digging.

It also appears that there are links from the East Yorkshire Warcups up to Durham, so that's another area to add to the list 
to look at.

17th April 2005

The main aim currently is to see how widespread the Warcups were. The investigation into links between the various groups
of Warcups in East Yorkshire (and beyond) has begun. We have finally linked the two separate families of Warcups who lived
in Skipsea. We therefore now have every Warcup 1700->1900 in Skipsea/Beeford all connected on one tree. We also have a 
Warcup from Flamborough who has married into the Skipsea Warcups, so we can finally start looking at Flamborough Warcups.

The link between the Warcups and Warkups in Skipsea / Beeford / Flamborough can be seen from the Unusual Features Index from
the main page. 

8th April 2005

The marriage certificate of William Henry Calvert b1875 and Martha Jane Hunter arrived, as did Martha's birth certificate.
We have Martha's parents, who came from Northumberland. The death certificate of Wlliam Henry (d1903) has him dying when 
Walter Edward Calvert (b1899) is only 4 so it is possible Martha re-married.

We also have a second marriage of George Kitching Calvert b1845. This marriage certificate has him marrying .. 
another Calvert (Jane Eliza) in 1895. This will no doubt make an entry on the unusual features page once we have worked out 
if the 2 were related. A third marriage of George Kitching in 1901 has been confirmed to another Rebecca.

The Monumental Inscriptions for Beeford /Skipsea have been revisited, revealing a large number of additional members of the
tree. These will be added to the MI Index on the front page over the next few weeks, the first few have been added.

3rd April 2005

We have found Thomas (b1796) Calvert & Elizabeth's children all being christened in Skeckling and added that information to
the tree. Betty Calvert (b1854) has also married and has 2 children. Walter Edward Calvert (b1858) is now married with 4 
children, so there are potentials for more Calverts from his sons.
We now know that Francis Calvert (also known as Frank) b1828 married Rhoda Ellis, as confirmed by Henry's birth certificate.
Rhoda was found christened in Keyingham, along with at least 6 more brothers and sisters.

We have now linked all the Warcups in Skipsea into the tree. We have a descendant of John Warcup/Jane Foster b1741, 
(i.e. Ethel Hall b1886) who marries a descendant of John Warcup/Frances Baron b1754 (i.e. Charles W Warkup b1894).
The Flamborough Warcups are being built into one tree in the vain hope that a link can be found to Beeford / Skipsea / 
Hornsea with Flamborough. If there are entries for indiviudals where the notes pages are incomplete or do not indicate
where the information about them is from, then they are not yet linked to the main tree. These details will be completed in 
the same detail as the members on the tree once it is established that they belong to the main tree.

25th March 2005

The information about Lily Watts's brothers has revealed both of their wives (Ilene Mary for Tom and Gladys May for Wilfred).
We now have one of the more interesting occupations on the tree (a change from Ag Lab and joiner). Ilene Mary's father was a
traction engine driver. (The other odd occupation we have had so far is a Mungo Grinder, but we have not yet identified what
this is.) Each of Lily's brothers also had a son, Adrian Douglas son of Tom, and Derick Norman son of Wilfred. This gives 
Nancy, Reg & Cliff Warkup 2 cousins (so far).

Walter Calvert (b1848) 's marriage certificate shows he too was a joiner, another joiner for the collection. We now have Robert 
Butler Kirby's marriage certificate. This confirms Noel Calvert's great grandmother's surname as Hood. It also shows Jane
and Robert's father's name, so we should be able to locate their families on the census records. 

Another of Ernest Warkup & Elsie Cammidge's children (Constance) has been added, bringing the total to 6 so far.

On the Calvert side, we now have 3 more children of Noel Calvert's Great Great Grandfather's brother. This also increases
the number of 'Walter Calvert's to 4. We also have tracked down the mystery George Calvert Kitchin, and added an enry to 
the unusual features index detailing why we had trouble finding him.

19th March 2005

We now have confirmation from birth certificates that Walter Edward Calvert b1899 had cousins (Loius and Alice's 4 children),
all born in Swanland. We also know that Walter Edward's grandfather (Walter b1848) was not an only child. He had a brother 
George who also had 5 (so far) children, and a sister Fanny. This gives Walter Edward at least 5 cousins once removed. 
Walter (b1848) had a father George (b1824) who, we have recently discovered, was one of at least 7 children of Thomas and
Elizabeth Calvert. (The Calvert tree is now mushrooming).
The marriage certificate of John Wesley Kirby (Noel Calvert's grandfather) gives more non-Calvert family members in Hull. It
also identifies John Wesley's father as Robert Butler Kirby. Robert and his 6 children have also been added to the tree.

The 1871, 1881 and 1891 census entries have now been included (access via homepage). This has allowed confirmation of
family groupings, and discoveries of extra children previously unknown.

4th March 2005

This update mainly contains details to fill in gaps e.g. death dates, places of birth etc. It does contain confirmation of 
3 of the Calvert side, Walter, Louis and William Henry. This should allow more detailed, targeted searching of the Calverts
in the census records. Hopefully the next upload will contain addtional members of this side of the family.

27th February 2005

Additional pages of photos have been added to the Photo Index page, with photos of some of the houses / farms which were
/are home to the Warkups on the tree. This brings the total to 100+ photos (so far). There are more Watts on the tree with
two new brothers of Lily. Lily's mother's side of the family (the 'Roe's) have now been included on the tree. The aim is to 
get all the ascendents (parents, grand parents, g-grand parents etc) back as far as possible. The Calvert side might prove
more difficult for this.

20th February 2005

There now more Watts members on the tree, taking the Watts side of the family back to 1812. There are also a few 'Roe's on 
the tree, taking the Roe side of the family back to 1804. Work has now started on the Calverts. The Warkups are not yet 
finished, so both sides of the tree will progress at the same time. We have also included some photos which were published 
by the Skipsea History Workshop. (If there any objections to these being made available, please email and they will be
removed immediately.) More of the population of Beeford is related, with a dozen Jordan's being added to the tree.

13th February 2005

This upload of the tree does not include many more names, but it includes quite a few more individual and group photos of
(mainly) the Warkup side of the family. If anyone on the tree does not like their photos, they are free to send us a 
different one to add!
A little more digging on the Watts side finds yet another Beeford monumental inscription belongs on the tree (Matthew and
Alice Watts). These have been added to the MI Index from the main page, and the Beeford churchyard layout. We also now have 
the MI and accompanying photos for: Lawrence Ernest Warkup, Ernest Leslie Warkup, Lisa Margaret Warkup, Charles William
Warkup and Kathleen Warkup. We also now have a double-link between the Broadley and Warkup families, which can be found
via the Unusual Features index on the front-page.

6th February 2005

The main difference with this new version of the tree is the confirmation of 20+ marriages / births which were on the tree
but proof had not been received. A subsequent version will detail any unusual features/facts we've discovered.

30th January 2005

A few of the newer members of the tree have been added. There are additional entries on the 1901 census pages as we track
down a few of the Watts side of the family. We now have Tom & Eliza, an Matthew and Alice on the 1901 census.
The main change with this version is the addition of a few family photos for some of the members of the tree.

14th January 2005

The arrival of Tom Watts -> Eliza Roe's marriage certificate (1900) adds another ascendant. As usual it poses additional 
questions - why was Eliza's father listed as Joseph KNIGHT? Tom's father is listed as Matthew Watts which confirms (as
suspected) he was the son of Matthew-Alice Watts.
The investigation into double-links into the Warkups from another family continues. There were 2 Watts, Lily and Susan Mary. 
The birth certificate of Susan, and Susan's father (William Hatfield Watts), along with his marriage certificate  has 
revealed Susan and Lily are not related (well, if they are, it must be before 1880). Another potential double-link was the 
'Whatling's. Alice's birth certificate confirms her parents were Samuel Whatling and Emma Pearce. Florence's father was also 
Samuel (from her marriage certificate) and we have found her in the census listed as the daughter of Samuel and Emma. This is
the 2nd family to have 2 members marrying Warkups. Another potential double-link was the 'Wylie's. Betsy and Maureen's birth 
certificates confirm they were indeed sisters. The details for these are shown on the double links page which can be accessed
from the Unusual Features link on the homepage.
There are 2 more recent family members also added : Asenath Warkup (b1911) and Donald Warkup (b1912).

9th January 2005

This version had located Charles W Lile on the 1901 census living in Beeford (details available via the usual cenus page and
inidiviudal notes page). This has resulted in his family (5 brothers/sisters) being added.
Additional more recent people have been added. We now have 9 descendents of Allan D Warkup (b 1900), and 8 descendents of
Charles William Warkup (b 1918). The Warkups on the 2003 electoral role are slowly being added with the aim of eventually
connecting them all to the tree. The death certificate of Robert Warkup (born 1857) confirms he died aged 10 months. The 
marriage certificate of Esther Warcups confirms the link to the Sargeson tree. The arrival of Thomas Warkup-Ann Dunn's
marriage certificate shows Ann's father was also a miller (a popular occupation on the Warkup tree). It also shows (on the
same certificate) the two different spellings of Warkup, with a 'C' and with a 'K' for the same person. Cyril Warkup (b 1920) 
adds another child on the Joseph-Mary leg of the tree, with entries getting closer to the present day.
The newer members of the family (William Arthur Warkup's descendents) have also made it onto the tree.

7th January 2005

This latest version concentrates mainly on newer members on the tree. The children/grandchildren of William Reginald and 
Clifford Noel Warkup have been added. The full details for these newer members are not yet available. As certificates are
more difficult to obtain for recent BMD's, the family will have to be consulted for more information. 
The grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Thomas Ernest Warkup(1910-1987) have been added. However, there is one problem. 
Two of Thomas's sons wives had a maiden name of Wylie. This makes matching the children to the relevant son more difficult. 
As a result ALL the children have TEMPORARILY been linked to one of the brothers (John Ronald). As marriage certificates etc
arrive, the appropriate children can be disconnected / re-connected. (The family will also be quizzed in the hope that they
can give some clues as to which child belongs to which brother). 
An addition to the earlier part of the tree (Robert Warkup born 1857), brings the total children for Tom Warkup / Ann Dunn 
to 12. This is now the third couple on the tree to have twelve children. 

3rd January 2005

A mix of details have been added. A number of additional 'Pinder's were discovered in the census / IGI records and added to
the tree. The marriage certificate of Cross Lazenby/Julia Warkup (1841), birth certificate of Ann (1848) and death 
certificate of "Julian" (actually Julianna) 1851 add information to the earlier part of the tree. The research is slowly 
adding more recent family members (although this takes longer due to unavailability of recent census records). Progress is 
also slowed by the GRO who were previously delivering BMD certificates in 4-5 days, and who are now taking 3-4 weeks. The 
birth certificates of Mary and Florence (1917) and Charles William (1918) adds 3 more newer members. 
An additional Commonwealth War Graves Commission entry has been found for another Warkup who is now on the tree: Herbert 
Warkup (1896-1918). This can be viewed via the tree, or from the War Index on the Home Page. 

21st December 2004

The arrival of the two earliest marriage certificates to date confirms a couple of facts. (1847 - Francis Warkup & Jane 
Gardiner) confirms that, as suspected, they were both marrying for the second time. (1853 - Francis Warcup & Ann Maria
Jordan) confirms that Hannah Maria was also known as Ann Maria, and they are in fact the same person. It also confirms that
Francis's father was yet another of the Millers in the Warkup tree. However, John was not listed as deceased on the marriage
certificate in 1853, but he was not in the 1851 census. Perhaps an error on the certificate ? A copy of a death certificate 
of yet another John Warkup has been ordered, in the hope that we can track him down. This upload also sees the introduction 
of a page dedicated to Warcups who have emmigrated. These can be found via the 'Index of Emmigrated Relatives' link on the 
home page. The first entry is for Isaac Warcup (1837-1924) of Hornsea who emmigrated to Ontario, Canada. We have a 
considerable amount of detail about him in Canada, which can be viewed from this link.

16th December 2004

There are two more entries added to the monumental inscriptions page (and the Beeford Church Layout map), for two of the 
Watts family. (Lily Watts's parents). A link is now becoming apparent between two Watts's who married into the Warkups 
of Beeford. When the appropriate certificates arrive, more details will be added to the Unusual Features (double-links index)
page detailing the relationships. The Commonwealth War record for William Ernest Sims has also been added with a link on 
the WarRecords Index page. Details have also been added to his Notes page.

7th December 2004

There are now more entries on the 1841/61 census pages. It is now confirmed that a number of married Warkups were still in 
Beeford, (e.g the Sargesons, Lazenbys etc), with them often living in neighbouring houses. Access is also now available
to a whole new raft of Warcup information from a number of sources. We are seeking permission to reproduce some photographs 
of Warcups which have been found, born as far back as 1837. It is confirmed that half the Warcups in Skipsea between 1730 
and 1850 are related to the Beeford Warkups. There is a whole separate Warcup family in Skipsea and investigation continues
trying to link this family group in too. There is now a link between Skipsea and Hornsea Warcups. The Flamborough link
is still proving elusive. 

28th November 2004

There are now entries on the 1851 census page. The details of the earliest connected Warkup have also been added. 
Arrival of the death certificate of John (married to Jane Stephenson) provided the earliest connection via BMDs for
John born 1771. The discovery in the 1851 census of a George Warkup deserting his wife takes another skeleton from the
closet. Family 'histories' are beginning to emerge as data is collated from successive census records.

27th November 2004

Two more links have appeared on the front page. These are for 1841 and 1851 census information. With the ability to search
through these census years, we have been able to establish links to some of the Warcups added during the last round of
additions on 21st November. We have proved Warcup links back as far as 1731 in Skipsea, and hope to widen the tree to 
include some of the dozens of Warcups in Skipsea, Hornsea, Flamborough etc.

21st November 2004

A new link has been added to the main front page. This is a link to an index of the available War Records (currently 
just Warkups). Each record shows the medal card for those who served in the war, detailing the rank, regiment etc. and which 
medals they were awarded. More entries to follow as they are discovered. The tree has also grown by a large number of 
additional warcups. Many of these are not yet connected to the tree, and only the bare bones for each person have been 

13th November 2004

The 1861 census has now been searched, resulting in a new addition to the home page for the census entries for Warkups.
It's also been discovered that Warkup and Warcup appear to become inter-changeable between census entries. There are a 
number of people who are one, then the other, depending on the person writing the census entries. Presumably this is 
because a lot of the people in the census were unable to read / write to check their names. The addition of family members
who could also be WarCups opens up a whole new raft of people to investigate. This may take some time.

6th November 2004

There is a new addition to the Monumental Inscriptions Index. There is now a link from the index page to a map of the
Beeford churchyard. This map shows where all the graves are situated (currently Warkups and Sims). There are 3 additions
to the 1901 census pages, having found the location of 3 more of Joseph & Mary's children who had left home by 1901. Work
continues trying to locate the other Warkups alive in 1901. There is also a new entry on the Unusual Features Index, this 
will show where there are multiple marriages from the same family into the family tree. The first entry to this index has 
been added, and shows how two members of the same Sims family married into the Warkup side of the tree.

29th October 2004

Work on a few entries on the Unusual Features page has begun. Only three entries so far, but more will follow no doubt
as investigations progress. There are few new additions to the tree, as we are concentrating on filling in all the details
(birth-marriage-death) of all the Warkups on the tree so far, before adding more.

23rd October 2004

The main front page has been updated to contain links to all the available birth, marriage and death certificates, 
1901 census pages (for WARKUP only), and some of the Monumental Inscriptions. An additional link to a page of
'unusual features' has been added. This page will eventually contain details of anything unusual we find during 
our investigation.

19th October 2004

Added a couple more Warkups. The main difference since the last release is the addition of scanned images of the 
certificates, available from the notes page for the individual concerned. The website has also been moved to a more
suitable domain name (

10th October 2004

Added a couple more Warkups. The main difference since the last release is the addition of scanned images of the 
certificates, available from the notes page for the individual concerned.

1st October 2004

It is impossible to try to capture the whole family tree at once. We have chosen to start off with my mothers' family, 
the Warkups, and will then progress onto my fathers' family. We have not attempted to create a 'deep' tree stretching 
back in time. That will come eventually. Instead, we have tried to create a 'wide' tree capturing as much of the extended 
family as possible. Our initial target timeframe is from 1830 through to the present.