Our Warcups / Warkups

There are a number of Warcup / Warkup families in East Yorkshire. Those we have linked together, and who are hence relatives of ours are shown on the main Family Tree. In some cases, the connection is quite remote and via multiple marriages, but there is a connection between all the members on our main tree. We are in the process of going through all IGI records for Warcups / Warkups for the areas we are interested in. Eventually we hope to have all of them on either the Main Tree or the Other Warcups tree(s) until we manage to link them to our tree.

All the information in the diagrams below is available from the Graphical Family Tree, but it is shown here to aid the understanding of how the families of Warcups/Warkups are connected. The overall links between the East Yorkshire Warkups on the Main Tree is shown on the link: All East Yorkshire Warkup links on Main Tree


The IGI records for Beeford have almost all been identified as part of our Main Tree. (There are a few early Warcups who are unidentified. There is also a William marrying in 1894, but we are waiting on a certificate to resolve this one.) The Beeford family shows all the Beeford Warkups are descended from John b1798 Skipsea. i.e. the Beeford Warkups are all related to the Skipsea Warcups, and are a branch of the family descended from John Warcup & Frances Baron.

Beeford Warkups ==> link to Skipsea Warcups


The IGI records for Skipsea have almost all been identified as part of our Main Tree. (There is a family group of 4 Warcups who are descendents of William Warcup who we have not yet identified). Originally we believed there were two distinct families of Warcups in Skipsea with the heads of these families being John Warcup & Jane Foster, and John Warcup & Frances Baron. The Skipsea families shows the two family groups in Skipsea.

The only link we had found between the two families was by Marriage link We have since found a piece of evidence which shows that there was in fact only one John in Skipsea, who married twice One John Warcup. (It is this John that I am a direct descendent of.)

Skipsea Warkups ==> link to Hornsea Warcups


The IGI records for Hornsea have almost all been identified as part of our Main Tree. (There is a branch of Warcups, descendents of William Warcup who we believe originated from Mappleton. More details to follow when we investigate Mappleton.) The Hornsea family shows all the Hornsea Warcups are descended from John Warcup & Mary Dunn. We suspect John also originated from a different town, but haven't located which one yet. The Hornsea Warcups & Skipsea Warcups are related through marriage. We have Isaac Warcup b1763 Hornsea marrying Julianna Warcup b 1767 Skipsea, so their son Issac b1815 is a descendent of the Skipsea and Hornsea Warcups. The 'Unconnected Warcups' in Hornsea are descended from a branch of Warcups in Cowden (Preston by Hedon). Although they are in towns of only a few houses and there are multiple Warcup houses, we have not yet linked them together. These unconnected Warcups have therefore been added to the 'Other Warcups' tree, and the information is accessible from that link on the menu.

Skipsea Warkups ==> link to Withernwick Warcups


We now have a link between the main tree and another branch of the Warcup family. There is a family of Warcups in the Withernwick / Burton Pidesa area. The link above shows the link between the 2 families. As a link has been found, the Withernwick Warcups will now be included on our main family tree. The link is only by marriage (so far). We will revisit the IGI records as we have done for Skipsea / Beeford / Hornsea. The IGI records for Withernwick have all been identified as part of our Main Tree. The Withernwick family shows all the Withernwick Warkups are descended from John Warkup & Ann Hewson. We believe John came from another town, and are currently investigating. (** update - see Burton Pidsea Warkups below)


There is a small famly of Warcups in the Skirlaugh area. The IGI records for Skirlaugh have all (but one) been identified as part of our Main Tree. The Skirlaugh family shows all the Skirlaugh Warcups are descended from George Warcup who is on the Withernwick tree. (There is one exception - Mary Warcup is descended from the Hornsea Warcups.) The Warkups of Withernwick have become Warcups when they moved to Skirlaugh - as usual Warkup/Warcup is inter-changeable.


The 1851 census for John Warkup (the head of the Withernwick Warkups) gives his birth place as Burton Pidsea. He is actually a descendent of the family of Warkups in this area. (His mother was Bathsheba Warcup which explains why his daughter also had the same unusual name).

A portion of the IGI records for Burton Pidsea have been identified. The Burton Pidsea family shows all the Burton Pidsea Warkups (so far), including the links to the Withernwick tree. Some of the Burton Pidsea Warkups had children in Preston by Hedon, so the IGI records for Preston are included on the Burton Pidsea IGI record. The IGI entries which are listed as being on the 'other tree' are also related to the unconnected Warcups on the Hornsea IGI records. Details can be found on the 'OtherWarcups' pages.


The details of IGI records etc will be added here shortly, along with the Warcup families in Flamborough. The head of the Skipsea Warcups John Warcup (b abt 1716) who married Frances Baron was the son of John Warcup (b abt 1679 Flamborough) & Milchy Leconbry (b abt1683). We have found a Marriage link between the Warcups of Flamborough and the Beeford Warkups. More details to follow, the data needs collating for Flamborough into a format which can be added onto the website.