Fellow Researchers

We have exchanged e-mails and information with a number of distant relatives who are connected to the main tree.

PersonRelated toFirst ContactCurrent Location
Carolyn LazenbyCross Lazenby b1818, Harpham17/11/2004Collingwood, Canada
Andy CoatesHalls & Warcups of Beeford24/10/2005Ottawa, Canada
Mark LusbyGeorge Myers b1765, Hornsea18/02/2006Unknown
Kathyrn CramFrancis Kirby b175819/02/2006Unknown
Jan McArthurWarcups of Broughton/Lockton area (other tree)09/07/2006Australia
Heather SpeckFrancis Warkup b1872 Ayton area (other tree)17/07/2006Unknown
AnnetteBathsheba Warcup b1829 Winestead area05/09/2006Sardinia

We will start to add a few more on as time permits. If there are any other relatives out there, please feel free to contact us!